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Pre-Professional Programs

Pre-Health Professions

Students preparing for a career in allopathic  medicine or other health professions (osteopathy, dentistry, optometry, podiatry, physical therapy, physician assistant programs, veterinary medicine, pharmacology)  may major or minor in any area (Biology, English, Urban Affairs, etc). Pre-Health is not a degree program and there is no special application for undergraduate students at Hunter College who are interested in following a pre-medical curriculum. Students can register with the Pre-Health Advising Office at Hunter College by going to the pre-health website. It is important that students maintain a close relationship with the premedical advising office from the time they become interested in such a career. Admission to professional schools is highly competitive so exceptional academic preparation is key, as is strong experience in leadership, research and community service. There are several premedical clubs on campus and students are encouraged to join one as soon as they enter Hunter.

The Pre-Health Professions Advising offices are located on the 7th floor of the Cooperman Library. All Students are encouraged to review the invaluable information on the pre-health website and to join the pre-health listserv. Students can make an appointment with an adviser on the pre-health website.


There are no specific courses or a specific major required for entry to law school. Students applying to law school come from a variety of majors including those in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences. Legal educators agree that a broad and rigorous liberal arts education is the best preparation for admission to and success in law school. Students planning to attend law school should take courses that develop writing skills and the ability to think critically and creatively; they should discuss with the Pre-Law Advisor and with academic advisers which courses will best advance their educational and career goals. There is a 15-credit, interdisciplinary Legal Studies minor, housed in the Political Science Department, which, although not required, might be of interest to students who wish to explore legal themes in the context of their undergraduate work.  There are some areas of legal practice for which a specific undergraduate major or coursework in a particular area is required or helpful. In order to be admitted to the Patent Bar, for example, an undergraduate degree or other training in science, computer science or engineering is required. More information regarding course selection is available at Hunter’s Pre-Law Website: Students interested in law are encouraged to meet with the Pre-Law Adviser as early as possible to learn about opportunities to explore legal careers and to discuss preparation for applying to law school. To schedule an appointment with the Pre-Law Advisory Office, please phone (212) 772-4882. For quick questions, contact Hunter’s Pre-Law Adviser, Elise Jaffe, at To keep up with Pre-Law events and opportunities on campus, students are also encouraged to subscribe to the Pre-Law Listserv by following the instructions that appear on the homepage of the Pre-Law Website. The Pre-Law Advising Office is located on the 7th floor of the Cooperman Library.

Cooperman Business Center, Business Advising

Cooperman Business Center, Business Advising Students interested in a career in business pursue a wide array of opportunities, industries and functions and therefore come from a wide variety of majors including humanities, sciences and social sciences. Many employers agree critical skills, in general, for a career in business include: communication skills, teamwork, problem-solving, project management, and quantitative capability. While there is not a major or minor in business, launching in Spring of 2020, there is a new Business Studies certificate allowing students to gain a recognized credential demonstrating both a facility with some basic business concepts and training, as well as a targeted interest in the world of business.

Cooperman Business Center offers programming, resources, advice and opportunities for students to explore and pursue internships and full-time opportunities in various fields of business, including finance, consulting, marketing, entrepreneurship, tech and many other areas. The Cooperman Business Center Advising offices are located on the 7th floor of the East Building, Pre-Professional Suite E713.  All interested students are encouraged to subscribe for our listserv on the pre-business site to receive valuable information, resources and opportunities. For questions or appointments, students can visit the website or email business advisers: Peggy Segal at or Naomi Press at

Preparation for Social Work

An undergraduate BSW degree is now available at Hunter. It is an upper division program.  Students apply for admission once they have completed between 50 and 80 of their undergraduate credits in liberal arts. Information about the BSW program can be accessed at

If you are considering an MSW program after earning a BA, a major in one of the social or behavioral sciences is preferred.  Specific entrance requirements vary for the different graduate schools of social work. Most schools recommend a minimum of 24 credits in social sciences.  A major in sociology or psychology is desirable for those interested in specializing in work with individuals, families and groups; a major in sociology, political science, economics, or urban affairs is desirable for those interested in community organization.  In addition, field internship courses that provide experience in social work agencies are highly recommended.

Students planning to go to a graduate school for social work, are encouraged to speak with an adviser in the Office of Advising.