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Declaring an Education Major

The Hunter College School of Education is committed to the development of teacher candidates who will be both educators and lifelong learners. Teacher preparation that focuses on the unique challenges of working in NYC public school classrooms is at the core of Hunter College’s educational mission, and the School of Education is a place for aspiring teachers to learn their craft and contribute to the future through the classroom.

Students must be approved by the School of Education to join an Education major. Prior to declaring your Education major, the School of Education invites interested students to attend an information session to learn more about the requirements of the major. Students then complete an interest form, are screened for eligibility, and may be invited to participate in an interview with faculty.

All education majors are required to have a primary School of Arts & Sciences major and must fulfill the Hunter Core requirements. Graduates will also fulfill the academic requirements for New York State Initial Certification. Education majors typically have cumulative GPAs of 3.0 or better, perform well across all subject areas, are mature, demonstrate professional readiness and are committed to supporting the development of children or adolescents.

For more information on the School of Education Major Declaration process, please visit or contact our Pre-Major Advisor at

The School of Education also offers the following course to Hunter students who have not applied for admission to an SOE program: EDUC 25000 - Introduction to Urban Education: Topics and Issues around Diversity and Equity (W).