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The Department of English offers students a variety of courses in the study of literature, literary theory, composition, rhetoric,  linguistics and creative writing. The department is interdisciplinary in its offerings, with a diverse faculty whose areas of research and approaches to teaching offer Hunter students a wide spectrum of historical, post-modern, theoretical, textual, and socio-cultural approaches to literary study, rhetoric and composition, linguistics and language, and creative writing. The department encourages disciplined, original thinking and writing while its small classes promote learning through stimulating discussions. 

Introductory and intermediate courses present a wide range of literary forms, periods and genres. Students who major in English choose one of  five concentrations: Literatures and Criticism; Creative Writing; English: Foundations for Adolescent Education (a concentration designed for prospective high school teachers),  English Language Arts and Linguistics and Rhetoric. Qualified students may enroll in honors seminars and tutorials. The English Department participates in Hunter’s interdisciplinary programs in Asian American Studies, Comparative Literature, Women’s and Gender Studies, and Religion. The English major provides a foundation for careers in writing, teaching, journalism, publishing, law, business, or any other career that depends on the ability to read analytically and write effectively.

What can I do with my degree in English?

The ability to write well remains a rare but prized skill in almost every field, and English majors go on to careers in a variety of professions. The analytical , writing, and speaking skills honed in the major can lead graduates to careers in fields such as marketing, technology, publishing, teaching, the arts, law, venture capital, medicine, and policy making.


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