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Hunter Core Requirement - Fall 2013 to Spring 2019

(Effective Fall 2013, if you are a current Hunter student who started before fall 2013, see here for information concerning whether to “opt in” to the Hunter Core or continue with Hunter’s General Education requirements Fall 2011-Spring 2013.)

All students who matriculate at Hunter College must fulfill the Hunter Core Requirement (Hunter Core, HCR). This is a set of courses Hunter College considers essential to the intellectual development of its undergraduates. The Hunter Core requirements and expectations are meant to support the professional and personal development of Hunter students, prepare them for advanced study, and enable them to become active participants in the world of ideas.

The Hunter Core provides students with opportunities to sharpen their essential academic skills in writing, mathematics, scientific reasoning, and critical thinking. The Hunter Core also introduces students to a spectrum of distinctive perspectives with which various academic disciplines view our world, its past, and its future.

The Hunter Core is distinguished by its emphasis on foreign language study and its encouragement of concentrated student achievement in a subject outside the student’s first major. Hunter encourages all students to take an active role in planning their education, and to pursue and develop subjects of interest beyond what is required for their major.

Hunter Core

The Hunter Core includes:

  1. The CUNY Common Core, comprising 30 credits;

  2. The Hunter Focus comprising 12 credits

CUNY Common Core Requirement

consists of designated courses in:

A. English Composition consists of 2 courses English Composition 1 and 2 (6 credits)

B. Math and Quantitive Reasoning  MQR (3 credits) **

C. Life and Physical Sciences (3 credits) LPS **

D. Scientific World - SW (3 credits) **

E. Creative Expression (3 credits)

F. US Experience in Its Diversity  (3 credits)

G. World Cultures & Global Issues (3 credits)

H. Individual & Society consists of 6 credits, one course from each of the following categories: Individual and Society (Humanities), and Individual and Society (Social Sciences)  


  • Students may take no more than two courses from one department or program to fulfill categories A through H.

  • *Students who receive an “exemption” for ENGL 12000 or for a course in English Comp 2 are deemed to have fulfilled English Composition 1 or 2, respectively.

  • **There are some courses in these categories that carry more than 3 credits (the “STEM variant” courses). Students who elect to take these courses may apply only three credits towards fulfilling the CUNY Common Core Requirement. — These courses, labeled STEM, may be found in three areas of the Common Core: Math/Quantitative Reasoning , Life and Physical Sciences and Scientific World. A particular STEM variant course may appear in more than one area of the Common Core. When this occurs, students may choose which area of the Common Core they want the course to fulfill. STEM variant courses may be more than three credits. In such cases, three credits will apply to fulfilling the Common Core; all of the course’s credits will apply to the major.

The Hunter Focus  

Beyond the CUNY Common Core, Hunter requires students to complete 12 credits for the Hunter Focus. These credits are part of the CUNY College Option – an additional set of requirements in the baccalaureate programs that encourage students to delve more deeply in the specialties of the colleges. The Hunter focus emphasizes foreign language and concentrated study – two areas of study that highlight Hunter’s current and historic focus on the liberal arts. Hunter students are expected to attain fourth-semester proficiency in a foreign language, regardless of where the learning took place. After this goal has been met, students should begin concentrated study in an area outside of their first major. The composition of the Hunter Focus will vary depending on students’ language proficiency at the time of matriculation. Students who have to take a beginning language course must apply all their language credits to the Hunter Focus. Students in the Hunter College School of Nursing may fulfill their entire 12 credits of Hunter Focus by taking three “STEM variant” science courses in addition to the STEM courses used to fulfill the CUNY Common Core.

Hunter Focus in Language Proficiency. The goal of the language proficiency requirement is to help students attain cross-cultural knowledge and communicate in a language other than English. In studying foreign languages, as well as their literatures and cultures, students acquire new perspectives on how people think, view the world, express themselves, and communicate with one another. Language study sensitizes students to the differences between their own culture and that of others, an important factor in an interconnected and interdependent world. Students are required to complete up to 12 credits in a Foreign Language depending upon the student’s language knowledge at the time of matriculation and a student’s matriculation status. (See Considerations for Transfer Students below.) Students may apply only one course at each level (Elementary levels 1 and 2, Intermediate levels 3 and 4) toward the CUNY College Option. Intensive courses can be used to satisfy two levels. It is strongly recommended that students complete their foreign language study as early as possible so they can benefit from it in their college career. Foreign Language courses should be taken in consecutive semesters because gaps in language study are undesirable.

Hunter Focus: Concentrated Study. This requirement encourages students to begin concentrated study outside of their major. Students who have gained fourth semester language proficiency should make progress toward a minor, second major, or certificate (they will not complete such a program within Concentrated Study, but take first steps towards it). The number of credit hours that must be completed in the Concentrated Study requirement depends on a student’s entry status and achievements prior to entering Hunter and ranges from 0 to 12.  (See Considerations for Transfer Students below.) It is necessary for a student to indicate a minor, second major or certificate program. Credit for Concentrated Study is granted only for courses completed within that same declared course of study.

Concurrent Course Requirements

Hunter College requires students to take some courses that are writing intensive and some that deal with issues of Pluralism and Diversity. These courses can be part of the Hunter Core Requirement (HCR) or any major or minor requirements, or electives.

Courses for Pluralism and DiversityThis group of courses addresses topics that help students broaden their horizons and gain new perspectives. The Pluralism and Diversity courses are grouped into four categories (A, B, C and D) that focus on scholarship about major practical or theoretical issues that emerge from, are reflected in, or are principally derived from the historical conditions, perspectives, and/or intellectual traditions of:

A. Non-European societies, particularly those of Africa, Asia, Latin America, or those indigenous to the Americas

B. One or more of the following groups in the US: African Americans, Asian Americans, Latino Americans, and Native Americans,

C. Women and/or issues of gender or sexual orientation,

D. Europe, including ways in which pluralism and diversity have been addressed.

One class in each category is required (transfer students, see below). Any one course with a Pluralism and Diversity designation can only satisfy one Pluralism and Diversity category. A course with a Pluralism and Diversity designation may also carry a “W” designation and may fulfill any other requirement. 

Considerations for Transfer Students

2nd Degree Students. Students who have earned a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution are exempt from the Hunter Core Requirement and all concurrent requirements.

CUNY Common Core. All CUNY transfer students retain completion of the CUNY Common Core requirements when transferring to Hunter College. Transfer students who have earned an AA/AS degree from an accredited institution and who matriculate in fall 2013 and after will have fulfilled the CUNY Common Core requirements by obtaining the AA/AS degree.

Hunter Focus

All transfer students, including CUNY transfers, must complete the Hunter Focus. The number of credits required to complete the Hunter Focus varies with the number of credits transferred as indicated below:

  • 12 credits of Hunter Focus for fewer than 30 credits transferred

  • 9 credits of Hunter Focus for 30 or more credits transferred without an AA/AS degree*

  • 6 credits of Hunter Focus for students with an AA/AS degree

 *A transfer student who first matriculates in a baccalaureate program must complete 12 credits of Hunter Focus. The student can apply any “College Option” credits completed at a CUNY senior college toward the Hunter Focus.

Language Proficiency. Hunter encourages all students to reach fourth-semester proficiency in a foreign language. Transfer students who have not attained fourth-semester proficiency in a foreign language at the time of transfer must apply the foreign language requirement towards the Hunter Focus. Students must either continue a language they have studied previously or begin the study of a different language at Hunter for the number of credits required by their transfer status.

Concentrated Study. Hunter encourages all students to delve deeply into another area in addition to their major by completing a minor, a second major, or a certificate program. Transfer students who have fulfilled the foreign language requirement should apply Hunter Focus courses towards a minor, second major or certificate program.

Writing Intensive. All students must take at least one course with a “W” designation from Hunter College. The number of “W” designated courses required are:

  • 3 for students who transfer fewer than 31 credits

  • 2 for students who transfer between 31-59 credits

  • 1 for students who transfer 60 or more credits

Pluralism and Diversity. Transfer students must take courses in Pluralism and Diversity according to the schedule below:

  • 4 courses for students who transfer fewer than 31 credits – one from each Group (A, B, C, and D).

  • 2 courses for students who transfer 31 or more credits. These two courses must come from Groups A, B, or C and the two courses cannot come from the same Group.

Courses in the Hunter Core Requirement

English Composition
(6 credits=2 courses)

 English Composition 1 (3 credits)

ENGL       120                                                                  Expository Writing
HUM         15000                                                              Introductory Topics in Humanities and the Arts

Film & Media:                                                
MEDIA     21100                                                              News Literacy in a Digital Age

Jewish Studies:                                                                                  
JS 28000                                                                           Introduction to Research and Writing in Jewish Studies

English Composition 2 (3 credits)

Africana and Puerto Rican/Latino Studies:
AFPRL      238W                                                              Literature of the African Diaspora

 Asian American Studies:
ASIAN 22100                                                                   Introduction to Writing About Asian American Literature

ENGL       220W                                                              Introduction to Writing About Literature

 Film & Media:                                                                 
MEDIA 21100                                                                  News Literacy in a Digital Age

Math and Quantitative Reasoning (3 credits)

Computer Science:
CSCI          121                                                                  Computers and Money: Quantitative Reasoning in Context

ECO          221                                                                  Economic Statistics I

Mathematics & Statistics:
MATH      100                                                                  Finite Mathematics
MATH      102                                                                  Mathematics for Everyday Life
MATH      104 (STEM)                                                 Mathematics for Elementary Education I
MATH      12400 (STEM)                                             College Algebra and Trigonometry
MATH      125 (STEM)                                                  Precalculus
MATH      12550 (STEM)                                             Precalculus with Workshop
MATH      150 (STEM)                                                    Calculus with Analytic Geometry I
MATH      15200 (STEM)                                              Calculus for the Life and Social Sciences.
MATH      155 (STEM)                                                    Calculus with Analytic Geometry II
STAT        113 (or 213)                                                    Elementary Probability and Statistics
STAT        212                                                                  Discrete Probability
STAT        213 (STEM)                                                     Introduction to Applied Statistics

 Life and Physical Sciences (3 credits)

ANTHP     101 (STEM-LiPS & SWo)                             Human Evolution
ANTHP     102 (STEM-SWo & LiPS)                   Human Variation
ANTHP     105                                                                   Human Species

BIOL         100 (STEM-LiPS & SWo)                             Principles of Biology I
BIOL         102 (STEM-SWo & LiPS)                              Principles of Biology II
BIOL         105                                                                   Introduction to Genome Biology
BIOL         10700                                                               The Human Barcode: Biology and Genetics of                                                                        Personal Identification
BIOL         125 (STEM-LiPS & SWo)                             Human Biology
BIOL         150 (STEM-LiPS & SWo)                             CSI: HUNTER (Forensic Biology)

CHEM       100 (and 101) (STEM-SWo & LiPS)             Essentials of General Chemistry Lecture
CHEM       101                                                                  Inquiries into the Nature of Matter
CHEM       102 (and 103) (STEM-SWo & LiPS)             General Chemistry I
CHEM       103 (STEM-LiPS)                                           General Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM       104 (and 105) (STEM-SWo & LiPS)             General Chemistry II
CHEM       106 (STEM-LiPS & SWo)                             General Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM       111 (STEM-LiPS & SWo)                             Chemical Principles
CHEM       112 (STEM-SWo & LiPS)                               Thermodynamics and Solution     Chemistry
CHEM       120 and 121 (STEM-LiPS & SWo)                Essentials of General Chemistry Lecture
CHEM       121                                                                  Essentials of General Chemistry Laboratory

 Computer Science:
CSCI 12700 (STEM-SWo & LiPS)                                  Introduction to Computer Science

GEOL       101                                                                   Introductory Geology Lab
PGEOG     130 (STEM-LiPS & SWo)                              Weather and Climate

 Physics and Astronomy:
ASTRO     102                                                                  Laboratory and Special Topics in Astronomy
PHYS        101                                                                  Basic Concepts of Physics with Laboratory Exercises
PHYS        110 (STEM-LiPS & SWo)                             General Physics: Introductory Course in Mechanics, Heat, and       Sound
PHYS        111 (STEM-LiPS & SWo)                             General Physics: Introductory Course in Mechanics, Heat, and       Sound
PHYS        120 (STEM-SWo & LiPS)                              General Physics: Introductory Course in Electricity and Magnetism, Light, and Atomic                                                                                                                Physics
PHYS        121 (STEM-SWo & LiPS)                              General Physics: Introductory Course in Electricity and Magnetism, Light, and Atomic                                                                                                              Physics

 Scientific World (3 credits)

ANTHP     101 (STEM-LiPS & SWo)                             Human Evolution
ANTHP     102 (STEM-SWo & LiPS)                              Human Variation
ANTHC    12700                                                              Methods in Archaeological Sciences

BIOL         100 (STEM-LiPS & SWo)                             Principles of Biology I
BIOL         102 (STEM-SWo & LiPS)                              Principles of Biology II
BIOL         125 (STEM-LiPS & SWo)                             Human Biology
BIOL         150 (STEM-LiPS & SWo)                             CSI: HUNTER (Forensic Biology)
BIOL         17500                                                               Choreographing Genomics

CHEM       100 (and 101) (STEM-SWo & LiPS)              Essentials of General Chemistry Lecture
CHEM       102 (and 106 or 103)(STEM-SWo & LiPS)  General Chemistry I
CHEM       104 (and 105 or 106)(STEM-SWo & LiPS)  General Chemistry II
CHEM       105 (STEM-SWo)                                          General Chemistry Laboratory II
CHEM       106 (STEM-LiPS & SWo)                              General Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM       111 (STEM-LiPS & SWo)                             Chemical Principles
CHEM       112 (STEM-SWo & LiPS)                               Thermodynamics and Solution     Chemistry
CHEM       120 (and 121) (STEM-LiPS & SWo)             Essentials of General Chemistry Lecture

 Computer Science:
CSCI          120                                                                  Introduction to Computers
CSCI          127 (STEM-SWo & LiPS)                     Introduction to Computer Science
CSCI          132                                                                  Practical UNIX and Programming
CSCI          133                                                                  Programming for Everyone
CSCI            11100                                                          Brains, Minds, and Machines

GEOL       100                                                                  Introduction to Geology
GEOL       105                                                                  Introduction to Environmental Geosciences
GEOL       18000                                                              Introduction to Oceanography
PGEOG     130 (STEM-LiPS & SWo)                     Weather and Climate

 Macaulay Honors Program:
MHC         200W                                                              Seminar III: Nature and Environment in New York City

PHILO 170                                                                       Introduction to Logic and Scientific Method
PHILO 27000                                                                   Philosophy, Science, and Culture

Physics and Astronomy:
ASTRO     100                                                                   Basic Concepts of Astronomy
PHYS        100                                                                   Basic Concepts of Physics
PHYS        110 (STEM-LiPS & SWo)                             General Physics: Introductory Course in Mechanics, Heat, and Sound
PHYS        111 (STEM-LiPS & SWo)                             General Physics: Introductory Course in Mechanics, Heat, and Sound
PHYS        120 (STEM-SWo & LiPS)                              General Physics: Introductory Course in Electricity and Magnetism, Light, and Atomic                                                                                                                Physics
PHYS        121 (STEM-SWo & LiPS)                              General Physics: Introductory Course in Electricity and Magnetism, Light, and Atomic                                                                                                                Physics

Creative Expression (3 credits)

 Asian American Studies:                                                                   
ASIAN      22500                                                              Asian American Art

Classical and Oriental Studies:
ARB          250W                                                              The Arab Novel (in translation)
ARB          251                                                                  Arab Cinema (in translation)
ARB          25400                                                              Arabian Nights:  East and West

RUSS         253W                                                              Russian Theater in English Translation
RUSS         295W                                                              The Vampire in Lore And Literature
RUSS        29600                                                              Nabokov Between Two Cultures

Dance (in Music):
DAN         102                                                                  Dance, Dancer & The Audience
DAN         232                                                                  20th Century Dance History

ENGL       250                                                                  Topics in Literature
ENGL       251                                                                  Topics in Literature

Film and Media Studies:
FILM         101                                                                  Introduction to Cinema

GERMN    241W                                                              German Fairy Tales in Translation

 Humanities (in the School of Arts & Sciences):
HUM         201                                                                  Explorations in the Arts

Macaulay Honors Program:
MHC         100W                                                              Arts in NYC

MUSHL    101                                                                  Introduction to Music
MUSHL    107                                                                  The World of Music
MUSTH    101                                                                  Music Theory Fundamentals

PHILO      25600                                                              Philosophy and Literature

THEA       101                                                                  Introduction to Theatre
THEA       211W                                                              World Theatre I
THEA       212W                                                              World Theatre II
THEA       213W                                                              World Theatre III

U.S. Experience in its Diversity (3 credits)

ANTHC 10000                                                                 Cultural Diversity in the United States: Historical and    Ethnographic Perspectives

HIST         151W                                                              U.S. History from the Colonial Era to the Civil War
HIST         152W                                                              The United States from the Civil War Era to the Present

PHILO      22600                                                              African American Philosophy    

Political Science:
POLSC      110W                                                              American Government from an Historical Perspective                   

 World Cultures and Global Issues (3 credits)

 Africana and Puerto/Rican Latino Studies:
AFPRL      182                                                                  Culture and Ethnic Identity
AFPRL      201                                                                  African history from Human Origins to 1600 CE
AFPRL      202                                                                  African history since 1600
AFPRL      209                                                                  Introduction to Caribbean History to 1900
AFPRL      210                                                                  Introduction to Caribbean History: 1900 – Present
AFPRL      222                                                                  African Civilization
AFPRL      243                                                                  Puerto Rican Culture

ANTHC    126                                                                  World Archaeology
ANTHC    151                                                                  Introduction to Linguistics

 Classical and Oriental Studies:

ARB          15000                                                              Introduction to Modern Arab Cultures
ARB          252W                                                              Literatures from the Islamic World
ARB          253W                                                              Literature and Culture of Muslim Spain
ARB          25500                                                              Palestinian Culture
ARB          25600                                                              Arab Theatre
ARB          25700                                                              Language and Culture in Contemporary North Africa

CHIN        111                                                                  Chinese Culture I
CHIN        112                                                                  Chinese Culture II

CLA          101                                                                  Classical Mythology
CLA          110                                                                  Greek and Latin Roots of English
CLA          201W                                                              Greek Civilization
CLA          203W                                                              Roman Civilization
CLA          204W                                                              Introduction to Classical, Egyptian and Western Asiatic Archaeology

HEBR        221                                                                  Modern Israeli Culture
HEBR        222                                                                  Introduction to Jewish Texts and Writings
HEBR        22300                                                              Introduction to Talmudic Literature in Translation
HEBR        240                                                                  Introduction to Old Testament
HEBR        259                                                                  Old Testament Religion
HEBR        290                                                                  Biblical Archaeology
HEBR        295                                                                  Ancient Hebraic Law

RUSS         157                                                                  The Age of Great Masters
RUSS         255W                                                              Russian Folklore in Translation
RUSS        29300                                                              Folklore in Translation: A Comparative Study
RUSS        29400                                                              Folklore and Literature

Romance Languages:

FREN        241                                                                  Early French Civilization: From Gothic to Revolution
FREN        242                                                                  Modern French Civilization: From Revolution to Present

SPAN        241                                                                  Civilization of Spain, in English

HIST         111                                                                  World History to 1500
HIST         112                                                                  World History 1500 to the Present
HIST         11300                                                              20th-Century World History
HIST         121                                                                  Early Modern Europe 1500-1815
HIST         122                                                                  19th and 20th Century Europe
HIST         208                                                                  History of the Jews
HIST         277                                                                  East Asia to 1600
HIST         278                                                                  East Asia, 1600 to the Present 

PHILO      21900                                                              Chinese Philosophy

Political Science:
POLSC      100W                                                              Introduction to Politics: Anarchy, Democracy and the State
POLSC      115W                                                              Introduction to International Relations
POLSC      250W                                                              Comparing Countries
POLSC      27000                                                              International Relations: Conceptual Foundations and Current Events

REL           211                                                                  The Sacred Sky: Astrology in World Religions
REL           251W                                                              Asian Religions
REL           252W                                                              Ancient Near Eastern Religions
REL           253W                                                              Abrahamic Religions
REL           254W                                                              Tribal Religions: From Australia to the Americas
REL           256W                                                              Afro-Caribbean Religions
REL           257                                                                  Religions of Ancient Central and South America
REL           258                                                                  Religions of Ancient Europe
REL           32000                                                              Hinduism
REL           32100                                                              Buddhism
REL           32200                                                              Islam
REL           32300                                                              Christianity

 Individual and Society (6 credits- 3 credits in Humanities and 3 credits in Social Sciences)

 Humanities (3 credits)

AFPRL 10400                                                                   Introduction to Puerto Rican and Latino Studies            

Art and Art History:
ARTH       111                                                                  Introduction to the History of Art

Asian American Studies:
ASIAN 210                                                                       Asians in the U.S.

Classical and Oriental Studies:

ARB          25800                                                              Arab Women Making Arabic Culture

CHIN        251W                                                              Modern Chinese Fiction in English Translation

CLA          250W                                                              Greek and Roman Tragedy
CLA          251W                                                              Classical and Oriental Studies
CLA          253W                                                              Homer and Vergil

HEBR        211W                                                              Masterpieces of Medieval Hebrew Literature
HEBR        21400                                                              Maimonides’ Guide to the Perplexed
HEBR        292                                                                  Hebrew Prophets in English
HEBR        22400                                                              Hebrew and Israeli Songs and Poems

ITAL         280                                                                  The Italian Renaissance: An Introduction

JPN            251                                                                  Japanese Culture Before 1600

Film and Media Studies:
MEDIA     180                                                                  Introduction to Media Studies 

HUM         110W                                                              Map of Knowledge
PHILO      101                                                                  Introduction to Philosophy
PHILO      104                                                                  Introduction to Ethics
PHILO      204                                                                  Great Philosophers

REL           110W                                                              Nature of Religion
REL           111W                                                              Approaches to Religion
REL           204W                                                              Religious Experience
REL           205W                                                              Faith and Disbelief
REL           206W                                                              Ideas of God in Contemporary Western Thought
REL           207W                                                              Religious Sources for Morality
REL           208W                                                              Religious Ideas of Social Justice
REL           209                                                                  Religion and Human Rights
REL           21200                                                              Religion and Healing
REL           255W                                                              Religions of Two Gods
REL           270W                                                              Religion and Psychology

RUSS        15600                                                              Culture of Imperial Russia: the Age of Empresses
RUSS        15800                                                              Contemporary Russian Culture
RUSS         250W                                                              19th Century Russian Literature in English Translation
RUSS        25100                                                              Tolstoy and Dostoevsky in English Translation
RUSS         252W                                                              Modern Russian Literature in English Translation
RUSS        254W                                                              The Silver Age of Russian Literature in English Translation
RUSS        26000                                                              Russian Women Writers in English Translation
RUSS        270W                                                              Soviet and Post-Soviet Cinema and Society
RUSS        29700                                                              The Russian Urban Novel in Comparative Context

 Social Science (3 credits)

ANTHC    101                                                                  Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Africana and Puerto Rican/Latino Studies:
AFPRL      100                                                                  Introduction to Black Politics
AFPRL      103                                                                  Conquest And Resistance: Puerto Rican Experience in Comparative Perspective
AFPRL      181                                                                  Language and Ethnic Identity
AFPRL      205                                                                  African American Politics and Social Change
AFPRL      26000                                                              Latinos and US Citizenship

Asian American Studies Program:
ASIAN      230.02                                                             Asian American Communities & Mental Health

ECO          100                                                                  Introduction to Economics

GEOG       101                                                                  People and Their Environment

Human Rights Program:                                                  
HR 20000                                                                          Introduction to Human Rights

 Macaulay Honors Program:
MHC         150W                                                              The Peopling of New York City

PHILO      106                                                                  Philosophy, Politics and Society
PHILO      25500                                                              Environmental Philosophy            

Political Science:
POLSC      200W                                                              Interpreting Politics: An Introduction to Political Ideas

SOC           101                                                                  Introduction to Sociology

Urban Affairs & Planning:
URBS        101W                                                              Urban Life: Personal and Observational View
URBS        102W                                                              Structure of the Urban Region

Women and Gender Studies:
WGS         100                                                                  Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies
WGS         12100                                                              Public Speaking in Gender Studies
WGSA      29000                                                              Special Topics in Gender, Literature and the Arts
WGSC       29000                                                              Special Topics in Women and Gender Across Cultures
WGSL       29000                                                              Special Topics in Labor, Migration, and Globalization
WGSS       29000                                                              Special Topics in Sexualities
WGSP       29000                                                              Special Topics in Gender and Public Policy
WGST       29000                                                              Special Topics in Feminist Thought and Theory
WGSS       29300                                                              Bathroom Politics 


 Specific sections of courses containing significant writing are listed with a W designation in the Schedule of Classes. Please note that not all sections of a course are necessarily offered with significant writing. To satisfy the Writ­ing Requirement a section designated as W must be taken.

AFPRL 21500    Digital Sources and Methodologies in Africana Studies
AFPL 235W  African Literature (retroactive to Fall 2001)
AFPL 236W  African-American Literature (retroactive to Fall 2001)
AFPL 237W  African-Caribbean Literature (retroactive to Fall 2001)
AFPL 304W Leaders and Movements of Black Urban Communities
AFPL 306W Modern African International Relations
AFPL 307W Contemporary African Politics
AFPL 308W Contemporary International Relations of the Afro-Caribbean
AFPL 309W Afro-Americans and Africa
AFPL 310W Modern Nigeria
AFPL 313W Slavery
AFPL 314W Blacks in Labor and Politics
AFPRL 31400    Rebellions and Revolutions in the Black Atlantic World
AFPRL 31700    History of African American Women
AFPL 318W Women in Africa
AFPL 319W Women in the African Diaspora
AFPL 320W African–Caribbean Culture
AFPL 321W Caribbean Migration and New York City
AFPL 322W African World-view: Philosophy and Symbolic Thought
AFPL 323W Islam and Christianity in Africa
AFPL 324W Afro-American Ethnohistory
AFPL 330W Autobiography as a Special Theme in Black Literature
AFPL 336W Afro-American Women Writers
AFPL 337W Caribbean Women Writers
AFPL 238W Introduction to the Literature of the African Diaspora
AFPL 342W Political Nationalism in Puerto Rico
AFPL 351W Major Puerto Rican Figures
AFPL 352W Power Structure in Puerto Rico
AFPL 355W Spanish Afro-Antillean Poetry
AFPL 356W Latino Literature in English
AFPL 360W Politics in Puerto Rico
AFPL 362W Folk Religion in Puerto Rico   
AFPL 370W Sociolinguistic Fieldwork in Black and Puerto Rican Speech Communities
AFPL 384W Poverty in Society
AFPL 387W Puerto Rican/Latino Politics in the United States
AFPL 390W Problems in Black and Puerto Rican Studies
AFFL 391W Problems in Black and Puerto Rican Studies

AN-C 215W           The Anthropology of Black America
AN-C 275W           Reading Ethnographies
ANTHC 10000W   Cultural Diversity in the United States: Historical               and Ethnographic Perspectives

ARTH 300.00W Research Methods of Art History
ARTH 310.00W Special Topics Lecture in Ancient Art
ARTH 320.00W Special Topics Lecture in Medieval Art
ARTH 330.00W Special Topics Lecture in Renaissance Art
ARTH 340.00W Special Topics Lecture in Baroque Art
ARTH 350.00W Special Topics Lecture in Modern art
ARTH 360.00W Special Topics Lecture in Islamic Art
ARTH 370.00W Special Topics Lecture in Asian Art
ARTH 380.00W Special Topics Lecture in Art History

ASIAN 22100    Introduction to Writing About Asian American Literature
ASIAN 22500    Asian American Art

BIOL 250W       Current Topics in the Biosciences

CHEM 36700     Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory                           
CHEM 36800     Structural Biology
CHEM 37800     Biochemistry Laboratory


 Arabic Division:
ARB 250W        The Arab Novel in Translation
ARB 252W        Literatures from the Islamic World in transl.
ARB 253W        Literature and Culture of Muslim Spain in transl.
ARB 254W        Arabian Nights East and West in transl.

Chinese Division:
CHIN 251W      Topics in Chinese Literature in Translation
CHIN 355 W     Classical Chinese Fiction in Translation
CHIN 357W      Chinese Poetry in Translation

Classics Division:
CLA 201W        Greek Civilization
CLA 202W        Hellenistic Civilization
CLA 203W        Roman Civilization
CLA 204W        Introduction to Classical, Near Eastern and
Egyptian Archaeology
CLA 210W        The Greek and Roman Theatre
CLA 220W        Aegean Archaeology
CLA 221W        Greek Archaeology
CLA 22200W    Roman Archaeology I: Etruscans, Monarchy, Repulic
CLA 22300W    Roman Archaeology II: The Archaeology of the Roman Empire
CLA 225W        Egyptian Archaeology 
CLA 227W        Archaeology of Eastern Mediterranean
CLA 250W        Greek and Roman Tragedy
CLA 251W        Ancient Comedy
CLA 253W        Homer and Vergil
CLA 254W        The Ancient Novel in Translation
CLA 302W        Comparative Backgrounds of Classical Mythol­ogy
CLA 303W        Religion of Ancient Greece
CLA 304W        Pagans and Christians         
CLA 305W        Women & Slaves in Classical Antiquity
CLA 308W        Magic and Science in Antiquity 
CLA 310W        Ancient Sports and Spectacles
CLA 322W        Archaeology of Mesopotamia
CLA 323W        Archaeology of Iran and Anatolia

 Hebrew Division:
HEBR 211W      Masterpieces of Medieval Hebraic Literature in Translation
HEBR 212W      Readings in Modern Hebrew Literature in Translation
HEBR 218W      Masterpieces of Yiddish Literature in Transl.
HEBR 281W      Masterpieces of Ancient Hebraic Literature in Translation

Russian Division:
RUSS 250W      19th Century Literature in Translation
RUSS 251W      Tolstoy and Dostoevsky in Translation
RUSS 252W      Modern Russian Literature in Translation
RUSS 253W      Russian Theatre in Translation
RUSS 254W      The Silver Age of Russian Literature in Transla­tion
RUSS 255W      Russian Folklore in Translation
RUSS 260W      Russian Women Writers
RUSS 270W      Soviet and Post-Soviet Cinema and Society
RUSS 271W      East European Cinema
RUSS 294W      Folklore and Literature
RUSS 295W      The Vampire in Lore and Literature
RUSS 296W      Vladimir Nabokov Between Two Cultures 
RUSS 297 W     The Russian Urban Novel in Translation 

EDUC 22000              Writing the Personal Essay for Nationally Competitive Fellowships

EDUC 250.00 (W)     Introduction to Urban Education: Topics and Issues around Diversity and Equity
SEDF 203          Social Foundations of Education, Grades 7-12
SEDF 203.600   Social Foundations of Educ., 7-12  (retroac­tive to Spring 2007

ENGL 220W       Introduction to Writing About Literature
ENGL 25200        Introduction to Literary Studies
ENGL 255W        Topics in Non-European Literary Traditions
ENGL 256W        Topics in Literature of Non-European Americans
ENGL 258W        Topics in Literature by Women
ENGL 302W        Introduction to Literary Analysis
ENGL 306W        Literary Theory
ENGL 317W        Advanced Topics in Non-European Liter­ary Traditions
ENGL 318W        Advanced Topics in the Literature of Non-European Americans
ENGL 319W        Advanced Topics in Literature by Women
ENGL 320W        Multicultural American Literature
ENGL 325W        Post-colonial Literature in English
ENGL 327W        Studies in Caribbean Literature \
ENGL 329W        Special Topics in Cross-Cultural Literature in English. 
ENGL 330W        Sociolinguistics
ENGL 332W        History of the English Language [some sections only]
ENGL 342.51W   National Rhetoric
ENGL 348W        English across the World
ENGL 355W        Selected Studies in Shakespeare
ENGL 373W        Victorian Literature
ENGL 373.02W   Victorian Literature (Retroactive to Fall 2005)
ENGL 389W        One Major Writer
ENGL 390W        Topics in 20th Century Literature 
ENGL 395W        American Prose before the Civil War

FLM 239W           Entertainment Journalism
FLMP 276W        Screenwriting I
FLMP 377W        Screenwriting II  
FILPL 37800/MEDPL 37800       Writing for TV
MED 239W          Entertainment Journalism 
MED 290W          Developing the Documentary 
MEDP 291            Critical Perspectives in Journalism
MED 292W          Basic Reporting 
MED 293W          Advanced Reporting 
MED 294W          Magazine Writing
MEDP 296W        Feature Writing
MED 314W          Public Relations: Theory and Practice  )
MED 372W          Investigative Reporting 
MED 373W          Journalism as Literature 
MEDP 377W        Neighborhood News
MEDIA 21100     News Literacy in a Digital Age
MEDIA 398W     Complex Television Narratives

GRMN 240W    German Thought and Culture: A Survey
GRMN 241W    German Fairy Tales in Translation
GERMN 373W German-Jewish Love Stories in Literature and Film after 1945

GEOG 22600     Environmental Conservation: Resource Management

HIST 11300       20th-Century World History
HIST 122W       19th and 20th century Europe
HIST 14100       Contemporary Issues in Historical Perspective
HIST 151W       The United States from the Colonial Era to the Civil War
HIST 152W       The United States from the Civil War Era to the Present
HIST 211W       Medieval History
HIST 25000       Historical Issues
HIST 26100       History of Modern India and South Asia, 1526-the present
HIST 27650       Middle Eastern History From the Beginning of Islam to 1800
HIST 27651       History of the Modern Middle East from 1800 to the Present
HIST 27700       East Asia To 1600
HIST 27800       East Asia 1600 to the Present
HIST 28900       Africa in the 19th and 20th Centuries
HIST 290W       History Practicum
HIST 300W       Historical Research
HIST 314W       Ancient and Medieval Christianity
HIST 318W       The History of the American Working Class
HIST 319W       Jewish History in the Modern World
HIST 320W       Jewish History in the Modern World
HIST 32100       History of the Holocaust
HIST 324W       Europe in the Age of Renaissance and Reformation
HIST 331W       European Culture in the 16th, 17th and 18th Centuries
HIST 336W       History of 20th-Century Germany
HIST 338W       History of Italy
HIST 34100       Topics in History
HIST 346W       Churchill’s Britain
HIST 35100       Terror and the Constitution: Free Speech in the U.S. Since 1886
HIST 354W       The American Colonies in the 17th Century
HIST 355W       The American Colonies in the 18th Century
HIST 357W       American-Jewish History
HIST 358W       Immigration & Ethnicity in the United States
HIST 373W       History of the Ottoman Empire
HIST 383W       Problems in U.S. History
HIST 384W       Problems in European History
HIST 38700       20th-Century India
HIST 38800       Gandhi: Power, Protest, and Justice in the 20thc   

HUM 110W       The Map of Knowledge

HR 200W           Introduction to Human Rights
HR 260W           Human Rights Internship Seminar
HR 350W           Capstone Seminar in Human Rights 

JS 28000            Introduction to Research and Writing in Jewish Studies
JS 31800            History of Antisemitism 

(Note: Retroactive approval to Fall 2001                 
MHC 100W       The Arts in New York City
MHC 150W       The Peopling of New York
MHC 200W       Science & Technology in New York City
MHC 250W       Shaping the Future of the City

MATH 261W    Mathematics in Human History
MATH 376W    Philosophy of Mathematics 

MU-H 206W          Music History 2
MU-H 210W          Music for the Piano
MU-H 212W          Masterpieces of Opera
MU-H 217W          History of Jazz
MU-H 221W          Black Music in the Americas
MU-H 227W          Master Composers
MU-H 231W          Folk and Traditional Music
MU-H 240W          Music of the Caribbean and Latin America
MU-H 241W          Music of Asia
MU-H 245W          Music of Africa
MU-H 250W          Women and Music         
MU-H 252W          Film Music
MU-H 261W          Special Topics in History and Literature of Music
MU-H 305W          Music History 3
MU-H 306W          Music History 4
MU-H 352W          Introduction to Ethnomusicology 1
MU-H 353W          Introduction to Ethnomusicology 2
MU-H 361W          Special Topics in History and Literature of Music

PHIL 201W       Knowledge and Reality
PHIL 212W       Classical Greek Philosophy: Plato &                           Aristotle
PHIL 214W       Medieval Philosophy
PHIL 215W       Foundations of Modern Philosophy
PHIL 218W       [Nineteenth-Century Philosophy] Revolu­tions in Modern Philosophy
PHIL 219W       Chinese Philosophy
PHIL 220W       [Marxism] Radical Philosophy             
PHIL 221W       Indian Philosophy
PHIL 223W       Neoplatonism
PHIL 225W       American Philosophy                           
PHIL 226W       African-American Philosophy             
PHIL 228W       Existentialism
PHIL 230W       Feminism: Philosophical Theory & Practice
PHIL 244W       Moral Philosophy                                                   
PHIL 246W       Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL 248W       International Ethics
PHIL 250W       Problems of Ethics and Society
PHIL 254W       Ethical Issues in Biology & Medical Care
PHILO 255W    Environmental Philosophy
PHILO 348W    Philosophy of Human Rights                
PHILO 378W    Philosophy of Biology
PHIL 256W       Philosophical Ideas in Literature
PHIL 258W       Aesthetics
PHIL 262W       Philosophy of Religion       
PHIL 268W       Philosophical Psychology   
PHIL 270W       Philosophy, Science, and Culture
PHIL 320W       Twentieth Century Philosophy
PHIL 344W       Ethics in Contemporary Life
PHIL 346W       Justice in Contemporary Life
PHILO 34700    Critical Philosophy of Race
PHILO 36300    Feminist and Social Epistemologies  
PHIL 376W       Philosophy of Mathematics
PHIL 379W       Philosophy of Science
PHIL 380W       Plato
PHIL 381W       Aristotle
PHIL 382W       Major Figure in Medieval Philosophy
PHIL 383W       Major Figure in Early Modern Philosophy
PHIL 384W       Kant
PHIL 385W       Plotinus
PHIL 386W       Hegel
PHIL 387W       Nietsche
PHIL 388W       Wittgenstein
PHIL 389W       Heidegger
PHIL 390W       Marx

PHYS 399W      Senior Thesis


PLSC 100W       Introduction to Politics: Democracy, Anarchy, and the State
PLSC 110W       American Government: A Historical Introduc­tion
PLSC 111W       Introduction to American Government and Politics
PLSC 112W       Introduction to Political Theory
PLSC 115W       Introduction to International Politics
PLSC 117W       Introduction to Comparative Politics
PLSC 200W       Interpreting Politics: An Introduction to Political Ideas
PLSC 201W       Ancient to Early Modern Political Thought
PLSC 202W       Modern Political Thought (1600-1900)
PLSC 203W       Political Thought Since 1900
PLSC 206W       Research Design in Political Science
PLSC 207W       Data Analysis in Political Science
PLSC 209W       Women and Gender in Western Political Thought
PLSC 211W       State Government and Politics
PLSC 212W       Urban Politics
PLSC 214W       Political Parties and Interest Groups
PLSC 215W       Public Opinion and Political Participation
PLSC 218W       Women and Politics
PLSC 219W       Women and the Law
PLSC 220W       Globalization and Opposition Movements
PLSC 221W       U.S. Immigration Policy
PLSC 226W       Interest Group Politics
PLSC 227W       Political Parties
POLSC 228W    Protest Movements in American Politics
PLSC 230W       The American Presidency
PLSC 235W       The American Congress
POLSC 23800    American Legal System
PLSC 240W       The American Judiciary
PLSC 241W       Managing American Government
PLSC 244W       Energy and Environmental Politics and Public Policy
PLSC 250W       Comparing Countries
PLSC 251W       Politics of Africa, Asia, and Latin America
PLSC 252W       Government and Politics in the Caribbean
PLSC 253W       Government and Politics in Latin America
PLSC 254W       Government and Politics in Western Europe
PLSC 255W       Government and Politics of Japan and Korea
PLSC 256W       Government and Politics in South and Southeast Asia
PLSC 257W       Government and Politics of China
POLSC 25800    Politics of Climate Change
PLSC 260W       African Politics through African Films 
PLSC 262W       Government and Politics in Central America
PLSC 263W       Government and Politics in the Middle East
PLSC 264W       Government and Politics of Israel
PLSC 265W       Government and Politics in Eastern Europe
PLSC 267W       The Politics of Southern Africa
PLSC 269W       Governments and Politics of Northern Africa
PLSC 270W       Black Revolution in Africa
PLSC 270W       International Relations: Conceptual Foundations and Current Issues
PLSC 271W       International Politics in the Americas
PLSC 274W       American Foreign Policy
PLSC 275W       Politics of the Global Economy
PLSC 276W       Global Issues
PLSC 278W       International Organizations
PLSC 279W       Revolutionary Mass Movements:  Com­munism, Fascism, Anarchism
PLSC 280W       Women, War, and Peace
PLSC 281W       Drugs, Politics, and Public Policy
PLSC 282W       International Security
PLSC 283 W      Terrorism
POLSC 384W    Comparative Foreign Policy
POLSC 38500    The Nuclear Age: Nuclear Weapons, War and Peace
POLSC 38600    Politics of Finance
POLSC 291W    Directed Research
PLSC 301W       American Political Thought
POLSC 302W    Critical Theory & Politics
PLSC 303W       Democracy and Dictatorship
PLSC 305W       Democratic Theory
PLSC 306W       Approaches to Political Science
PLSC 307W       Theory of Revolution
PLSC 309W       Feminist Political Theory
PLSC 310W       Comparative Legal Systems
PLSC 311W       Utopian Theory
PLSC 315W       Social and Economic Policies in Western Europe and the United States
PLSC 316W       Political Theory of Human Rights
PLSC 320W       Ethnic Politics 
PLSC 321W       American Political Economy
POLSC 322W    Social and Economic Policies in Western Europe and the United States
POLSC 323W    Politics of Public Budgeting
PLSC 330W       American Political Development
PLSC 340W       Constitutional Law: Organizing the Government
PLSC 341W       Constitutional Law: Civil Rights
PLSC 342W       Constitutional Law: The First Amendment
PLSC 343W       Criminal Law
PLSC 348W       Public Administration and Public Policy
PLSC 351W       Government and Politics of Russia and the Post-Soviet States
PLSC 352W       State and Society in Africa
PLSC 353W       Social Movements, Civil Society, and the State of Latin America
POLSC 356W    India’s Democratic Experiment
POLSC 360W    Democracy & Development in a Globalizing World     
PLSC 374W       International Human Rights
PLSC 375W       International Law
PLSC 376W       International Political Economy
PLSC 377W       Theories of International Politics
PLSC 378W       Russian National Interest: Past and Present
PLSC 379W       War and Strategy
PLSC 380W       European Security
PLSC 381W       East Asia in World Politics
PLSC 382W       Cause of War
POLSC 383W    Power Transitions, the U.S. and World Order

PSYC 205W         The Profession of Psychology
PSYC 210W         Child Psychology
PSYC 212W         Psychology of Exceptional Children
PSYC 215W         Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology
PSYC 220W         Personality
PSYC 221W         Psychoanalytic Theories
PSYC 223W         Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 225W         Ethology: Animal Behavior
PSYC 230W         Social Psychology
PSYC 235W         Psychology of Women
PSYC 240W         Applications of Psychology
PSYC 242W         Health Psychology
PSYC 245W         History of Psychology
PSYC 248W         Statistical Methods in Psychological Research
PSYC 249W      Experimental Psychology: Social
PSYC 250W      Experimental Psychology: General

REL 110W         Nature of Religion
REL 111W         Approaches to Religion
REL 204W         Religious Experience
REL 205W         Faith and Disbelief
REL 206W         deas of God in Contemporary Western Thought
REL 207W         Religious Sources of Morality
REL 208W         Religion and Social Justice
REL 209W         Religion and Human Rights
REL 210W         Atheism
REL 211W         The Sacred Sky:  Astrology in World Religions
REL 21200         Religion and Healing
REL 251W         Eastern Religions
REL 252W         Ancient Near Eastern Religions
REL 253W         Western Religions
REL 254W         Tribal Religions: From Australia to the Ameri­cas
REL 255W         Religions of Two Gods
REL 256W         Afro-Caribbean Religions
REL 257W         Religions of Ancient Central and South America
REL 258W         Religions of Ancient Europe
REL 270W         Religion and Psychology
REL 307W         Religious Ideas in Literature
REL 308W         Religion and the Arts
REL 309W         The Religious Meaning of Love and Sex
REL 310W         The Religious Meaning of Death
REL 311W         Women and Religion
REL 312W         Religion and Politics
REL 313W         Spirit and Nature
REL 314W         Religion and Sports
REL 315W         The Problem of Evil
REL 316W         Men and Religion
REL 317W         Religion and Film
REL 318             Religion and Science         
REL 319             Religion and the Body
REL 326W         Religious Meanings of the Qur’ān
REL 334W         Mysticism
REL 335W         Myth and Ritual
REL 320W         Hinduism
REL 321W         Buddhism
REL 322W         Islam
REL 323W         Christianity
REL 324W         Islam and Buddhism
REL 330W         New Testament Religion
REL 333W         Christian Theology
REL 336W         Zen
REL 337W         Sufism
REL 340W         Homosexuality in World Religions
REL 390 W        Modern Theories in Religion


FREN 256W      Dream and Image: Descartes to Proust

ITAL 260W       Modern Italian Short Story
ITAL 276W       Dante’s Divine Comedy
ITAL 339W       Italian American Women Writers and Artists: Issues and Identities

SPAN 265W      Don Quixote, in translation
SPAN 269W      Spanish American Women’s Literature and Cinema

HUM 15000       Distinguished Living Writers

SOC 219W        American Society (Note: Retroactive Approval to Fall 2002)
SOC 22300        Contemporary Sociological Theory
SOC 330W        Children and Public Policy
SOC 239W        Child Welfare
SOC 259W        Mass Media, Communication, and Public Opinion
SOC 309W        Social Movements and Social Change
SOC 315W        Work and Society
SOC 22400        Sociological Theory
SOC 350W        Qualitative Methods
SOC 361W        Development and Modernization  
SOC 362W        The Sociology of Islam

THEA 211W     World Theatre I
THEA 212W     World Theatre II
THEA 213W     World Theatre III
THEA 214W     Multicultural Perspectives in Theatrical Perform­ance
THEA 215W     Black Theatre
THEA 321W     Play Analysis
THEA 322W     Theatre Theory and Criticism
THEA 323W     20th Century Aesthetics in Theatre & Film
THEA 324W     Adaptation in Theatre and Film
THEA 331W     Avant-Garde Theatre of the 20th Century
THEA 376W     Playwriting I

 HONS 201W     The Sophomore Honors Colloquium
HONS 301W     The Upper Level Honors Colloquium
HONS 301.98W  Advanced Research Writing

URBS 101W        Urban Life: Personal and Observational View
URBS 102W        Structure of  Urban Region
URBS 201W        Plans and Policies for Contemporary Urban Community

COMHE 303        Social Structure and Health

WGS 201W                Classics in Feminist Thought
WGS 209W                Women and Gender in Western Political Thought
WGS 219W                Women and the Law
WGS 230W                Feminism: Philosophical Theory and Practice
WGS 239W                Child Welfare
WGS 250W                Women and Music
WGS 258W                Topics in Literature by Women
WGS 260W                Russian Women Writers
WGS 261W                Women and Politics
WGS 262W                Women, War and Peace
WGS 269W                Spanish American Women’s Literature and Cinema
WGS 305W                Women and Slaves in Classical Antiquity
WGS 309W                Feminist Political Theory
WGS 315W                Work and Society
WGS 318W                Women in Africa
WGS 319W                Advanced Topics in Literature by Women
WGS 329W                Women in the African Diaspora
WGS 336W                Afro-American Women Writers
WGS 337W                Caribbean Women Writers
WGS 384W                Women and Media