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Grading Policy for Nursing Courses

Students must receive minimum grades of C in all required nursing courses, including courses in the Biological Sciences. One required nursing course (Generic Pathway:  NURS 20000, NURS 21000, NURS 24000, NURS 22000, NURS 33100, NURS 33900, NURS 35200, NURS 33200, NURS 34300,  NURS 34900,  NURS 36000, NURS 38000, NURS 45500, NURS 46000, NURS 47000, NURS 49000 NURS 49200, NURS 42200, BIOL 12000, BIOL 12200, BIOL 12300, BIOL 23000 and Nursing electives) is repeatable once by students who have received a failing grade (less than a C grade). Students who fail a second required nursing course in the sequence may not repeat that course and may not continue in the nursing major.

Note: Other colleges, graduate schools, professional schools, services and employers may calculate a grade point average inclusive of the failing grades. For questions regarding this policy, check with the Office of Advising Services, Rm 1119 East Building.