Department: Medical Laboratory Sciences


The Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences offers a rigorous and extensive education in biomedical science that prepares students for employment in clinical (hospital and private diagnostic), research (academic/biotechnology/pharmaceutical) and public health laboratories and for advanced degrees in graduate (Master’s/Ph.D.) and professional (medical/dental/physician assistant) schools as well as advanced clinical certifications. Two academic degrees for undergraduates are offered: the BS in Medical Laboratory Sciences: Biomedical Science and the BS in Medical Laboratory Sciences: Clinical Science. Both majors emphasize laboratory training through classroom work. The Medical Laboratory Sciences: Biomedical Science major is intended for those students who plan to obtain advanced graduate or medical degrees. Students in this major are encouraged to perform independent study research projects with faculty. The Medical Laboratory Sciences: Clinical Science major is licensure qualifying and is intended for those students who plan to take the New York State Education Department (NYSED) licensure exam for clinical laboratory technologists. A license is required to work as a clinical laboratory technologist in NYS. Clinical laboratory technologists perform analytical tests on patient samples and play an essential role in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. The Clinical Science major requires students to perform a departmentally-arranged eight-week full time summer internship in a hospital or private diagnostic laboratory. Students in the Clinical Science major may also pursue advanced graduate and medical degrees.

What can I do with my degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences?

Graduates pursue entry-level careers in diagnostic or research labs, as well as further education in graduate programs, medical school and other clinical specialties. MLS graduates work in hospitals, nonprofit research institutions and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.


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