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Repeating Courses

 Repeating Courses 

  1. Students shall not be permitted to repeat a course in which they have received a grade of A, B, C or CR unless that course has been designated as repeatable in the course description of the college catalog.

  2. Students may repeat a course in which a D was received. The credit for that course will be applied toward the degree once, but both the grade of D and the second grade earned are calculated in the grade point average. If the course is part of a sequence, it should be repeated before continuing the sequence.

  3. A student who has received a grade of D may re register for the course only with the permission of the department offering the course.

  4. If a student receives a failing grade (F, WU, FIN) in a course and then retakes that course and receives a grade of A, B, C or CR, the initial failing grade will remain on his/her academic record, but will no longer be computed into the grade point average. This adjustment to the GPA will occur automatically at the end of the semester when the student has retaken the course and received a grade of A, B, C, or CR. The original course in which the failing grade was received must have been taken after September 1, 1984 and repeated after September 1, 1990.

  • No more than 16 credits may be deleted from the calculation of the cumulative grade point average.

  • If two or more failing grades have been received for the same course and a grade of C, CR or better is subsequently earned, all of the failing grades for that course will be deleted from the grade point average, subject to the 16-credit limit.

  • The 16-credit limit applies cumulatively to courses taken at all CUNY colleges.

  • The repeated course must be taken at the same college as the initially failed course.