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College Calendar: Schedule of Final Examinations

A final examination is required in each course at the college during the examination period scheduled by the registrar, except in those courses in which the department has ruled that no examination shall be given. Since the final examination week is part of the semester hour requirement as mandated by the State Education Department, the period scheduled for final examinations should be used either for the final examination in the course or as an instructional period.

Students in an examination room may not have in their possession or within their reach any books or papers except those permitted by the instructor for use in the examination. Notes normally carried in pockets or handbags should be placed completely out of reach.

Students taking a drawing examination should bring their own implements. Students are not to possess an examination book at any time except during the examination period. Students should carefully fill out all information asked for on the front cover of every examination book used. If scratch paper is needed, students should use the back pages of the examination book; no other paper of any kind is to be used. All matter that is not intended to be read and marked by the examiner should be crossed out (but not torn out) before the examination book is handed in. No pages are to be torn from examination books.

The student is responsible for making sure that the instructor receives the examination book. Students may leave the examination room as soon as they finish. Quiet should be maintained in passing through the halls.

Students obliged to withdraw from an examination because of illness will be counted as absent from the examination and are permitted to take an absentee examination, as explained in the section on Incomplete Work in Course.

For information on absence from final examination for other reasons, see section on Incomplete Work in a Course