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Degree Requirements: Pluralism and Diversity

Fulfill ALL of the following requirements:

Earn at least 3 credits from the following:

Pluralism and Diversity Requirement – Group A

Earn at least 3 credits from the following:

  • Pluralism and Diversity Requirement – Group C

A course focusing on scholarship about major practical or theoretical issues (e.g., artistic, economic, geographic, literary, political, scientific or social) that emerge from, are reflected in or are principally derived from the historical conditions, perspectives and/or intellectual traditions of women and/or issues of gender or sexual orientation.

AFPRL 31700

Hist African American Women

AFPRL 31800

Women in Africa

AFPRL 31900

Women in the African Diaspora

AFPRL 33600

Afro-American Women Writers

ANTHC 30100

Gender in Anthropologl Persp

ANTHC 31200

Anthropological Appr Sexuality

ANTHC 32000

Problems in Anthropology

ANTHC 32001

Gender and Migration

ANTHC 32076

Language, Sex & Gender

ANTHC 32200

Fam & Household Anthropology

ARB 25800

Arab Women Making Culture

BIOL 10000

Principles of Biology 1

BIOL 10200

Principles of Biology 2

BIOL 16000

Honors Principles of Biology 2

CLA 30500

Women & Slaves:Classil Antqty

ECO 34500

Women & Men:Labor Market

ENGL 25044

Writings from Detention

ENGL 25060

Holocaust Poetry

ENGL 25067


ENGL 25072

Women Centered Literature

ENGL 25073

The Moderns

ENGL 25080

Black Women Literature Artists

ENGL 25085

Cla Txts/Mod Context

ENGL 25092

Black Women Writers

ENGL 25096

Survey Asian American Lit

ENGL 25850

Multicultural Women Writers

ENGL 25851

Contemp African Women Writers

ENGL 25852

South Asian Women Literature

ENGL 25853

Irish Women Writers

ENGL 25854

Literature: Fin-De-Siecle

ENGL 25855

18th Century Women Writers

ENGL 25856

Asian American Women Writers

ENGL 25857

Female Perspective: Literature

ENGL 25858

Caribbean Women Writers

ENGL 25859

Women in Culture

ENGL 25860

Contempory Amer Women Writers

ENGL 25861

Women: Ancient Greece

ENGL 25862

18th Cent Britan Women Writ

ENGL 30800

Workshop in Non-Fiction 1

ENGL 31950

Excsn:Afican Women Exp Lit

ENGL 31951

Women, Language and Literature

ENGL 31952

Black Women Writers

ENGL 31953

Black Desirs: Black Fiction

ENGL 31954

Asian Amer Feminism

ENGL 31955

Multicultural Women Writing

ENGL 31956

20th Cent Black Women Lit

ENGL 31957

Early Modern English Women

ENGL 31958

Women Writers Short Story

ENGL 31959

19th Cent Amer Women Writers

ENGL 31960

Gender & Per U.S. Cult

ENGL 31961

Renaissance Women Literature

ENGL 31962

Memoirs by Women Writers

ENGL 31963

Irish Women's Poetry

ENGL 31964

18th Cent Women Writers

ENGL 31965

Women Writers & Metro

ENGL 31966

Contempory American Women

ENGL 31967

20th Century Women Writers

ENGL 31968

Women & Writing: Middle Ages

ENGL 31969

18th Cen British Women Writers

ENGL 31970

Feminist Sci-Fi

ENGL 31971

Women Intertext Narrative

ENGL 31972

American Poetry by Women

ENGL 31973

Poetics Women Autobiography

ENGL 31974

Dickenson, Moore, Stein

ENGL 31975

20th Cent Poetry Amer Women

ENGL 31976

Writing for Fallen Woman

ENGL 31977

Women Centered Literature

ENGL 31978

20th Century Women Writers

ENGL 31979

Feminism & Globalization

ENGL 31980

Romantic Women Writers

ENGL 31981

Women Journalists

ENGL 31982

Women Exper Fiction

ENGL 31983

Women in the Avant Garde

ENGL 31984

Gender and Writing

ENGL 31985

Caribbean Women Writers

ENGL 31986

The Female Bildungsroman

ENGL 31987

Adv Tpcs: Women Gndr US Lit

ENGL 31988

Gndr & Politics of Poetic Form

ENGL 32249

Gender Sex & Pol Struggle

ENGL 32250

Queer Voices

ENGL 32252

Sex Gender in the Middle Ages

ENGL 32253

Queer Lit in U.S. after 1945

ENGL 32254

Masculinity in 20th C Af Am Lt

ENGL 32255

Transgender Literature

ENGL 32256

Turn of Century Sexuality

ENGL 32257

Transgender Poetry

ENGL 32258

Disdnt Desires&Plsre:Bohemn NY

ENGL 32259

Decoloniz Gender: Text & Image

ENGL 32265

Trans and Nonbinary Poetry

ENGL 38563

Heroic Masculinity

ENGL 38649

Lyricism and the Novel

ENGL 38652

Images of Women in Literature

ENGL 38655

Britain American Detect. Fict

ENGL 38677

19th Century Independant Womn

ENGL 38763

Tpcs in Brit & Am Lt

ENGL 38954

Virginia Woolf

ENGL 38955

Jane Austen

ENGL 38967

Toni Morrison

ENGL 39861

Amer Working Class Literature

ENGL 39961

Contemporary Amer Poetry

ENGL 39962

Sellf Study in Amer Literature

ENGL 49469

Honors Seminar

ENGL 49481

Honors Seminar

FILM 21500

Women and Film

FILM 22301

LGBT Film & Media

FREN 26200

Persp on Women in French Lit

GEOG 24100

Population Geography

GERMN 32300

Women in German Literature

GERMN 32400

Post-Fem German Lit & Film

HEBR 21000

Stud in Hebrew Lit in Transl

HEBR 21060

Women in Mod Heb Lit

HEBR 25000

Introduction to the Old Test

HEBR 25060

Images of Women in the Old Testament

HEBR 28400

Womn in Bible-Eng

HEBR 45155

Hon Sem: Hebr Novel

HEBR 45166

Seminar: The Woman in Modern Hebrew Literature

HIST 25008

Gender, Sexuality and History

HIST 30400

Women in Early European Society

ITAL 33700

Italian Women Writers

ITAL 33800

19&20C Ital Wmn Wrte

ITAL 33900

Ital Amer Wmn Wtr & Art

MEDIA 28400

Women and Media

MEDIA 29601

LGBT Film & Media

MUSHL 25000

Women and Music

MUSHL 26100

Sp Tpcs History & Lit Music

MUSHL 26176

Women and Music: World Culture

NURS 34000

Women's Health

NURS 35100

Gender, Science Tech

PHILO 23000

Feminist Philosophy

PHILO 36300

Femini & Social Epistemologies

POLSC 20474

Abolition of Whiteness

POLSC 21800

Women and Politics

POLSC 21900

Women and the Law

POLSC 22800

Protest Movements Amer Politic

POLSC 28000

Women, War, and Peace

POLSC 29405

Bathroom Politics

POLSC 30900

Feminist Political Theory

PSYCH 17000

Psychology of Human Sexuality

PSYCH 19000

Development of Gender Roles

PSYCH 23500

The Psychology of Women

PSYCH 30900

Behavioral Neuroendocrinology

REL 31100

Women and Religion

REL 31600

Men and Religion

REL 34000

Homosexuality in World Religions

RUSS 15600

Culture of Imperial Russia

RUSS 26000

Russ Wmn Wtrs in Eng Translat

RUSS 26070

Polish Cinema

RUSS 26088

Bilingual Writers

RUSS 26089

Mickiewicz Russ & West

RUSS 36000

Russian Women Writers

SOC 20100

Sociology of the Family

SOC 25700

Sex and Gender Roles

SOC 36000

Feminist Social Theory

SPAN 26900

Sp Am Wm Lt & Cine

THEA 39000

Costume, Fash & Cultural Stud

WGS 10000

Intro Gender/Sex Studies

WGS 12100

Public Spkng in Gender Studies

WGS 20000

Women in Literature

WGS 20006

Women in Ancient Myth

WGS 20008

Women and Film

WGS 20020

Women in French Lit

WGS 20058

Black Women Writers

WGS 20059

Womn Stry & Repro Rght

WGS 20065

Family & Sex and Violence

WGS 20067

Cont Fem Th Mult Cul

WGS 20068

Black Women Literature Artist

WGS 20070

Prison Human Rights & Gender

WGS 20072

Feminism: Philosophical Theory

WGS 20073

Afr Wmn:Devl & Polts

WGS 20074

Wmn&Marriag:Fmle Plt

WGS 20077

The Black Family

WGS 20081

Woman for President

WGS 20082

Rdng Lit by Women

WGS 20085

Wmn & Dom Pub Pol

WGS 20086

Asn-Am Women's Writ

WGS 20089

Women in Jewish Hist

WGS 20100

Cla: Fem Thought

WGS 21600

Women Philosophers

WGS 25800

Topics:Lit By Wom

WGS 25850

Multicult Wmn Wtrs

WGS 25851

Cntmp Afr Wmn Wtrs

WGS 25852

S. Asian Women Literature

WGS 25853

Irish Wmn Writers

WGS 25854

Lit: Fin-De-Siecle

WGS 25855

18 C Women Writers

WGS 25857

Fem Perspctvs: Lit

WGS 25858

Caribbean Wmn Wrtr

WGS 25859

Women in Culture

WGS 25860

Cont Am Wmn Wrtrs

WGS 25862

18C Brit Wmn Writr

WGS 30000

Women in Prehist Soc

WGS 30003

Asian American Women

WGS 30006

Narrative of Trauma

WGS 3001B

Fam & Household Anthropology

WGS 3001H

Women and Gender Carib History

WGS 30021

Jane Austen

WGS 30022

19 & 20C Ital Wmn Wrte

WGS 30033

Ital Women Writers

WGS 30050

Theor & Prac of Dvlpmt

WGS 30051

Race,Gender & Amer Pol

WGS 30053

Language,Sex & Gender

WGS 30055

Sex Race & Gentri NY

WGS 30063

Chng Role Wm Chn&Jpn

WGS 30064

Women in the Middle East

WGS 30065

Writ Womens Biography

WGS 30069

Decolonizing Desire

WGS 30072

Wmn & Soc-Vict Englnd

WGS 30076

Ren Engl Wrt Wom

WGS 30078

Women W/Disablties

WGS 30084

Asian-Amer Women Nar

WGS 30085

Nat Women in Amer Hi

WGS 30087

Women and Work

WGS 30092

Work and Family

WGS 30094

Virginia Woolf

WGS 30095

International Women Writers

WGS 30098

Hist:Womn in Mod Eur

WGS 30099

Political Islam&Womn

WGS 30500

Women and Slaves in Classical Antiquity

WGS 31800

Women in Africa

WGS 31900

Studies in Literature by Women

WGS 33600

Afro-Amer Wmn Writ

WGS 36000

Feminist Social Theory

WGS 40000


WGS 40053

Body Politcs:Sex & Rep

WGS 40054

Honors Seminar

WGS 40059

Gender, Nationalism, Decolonization

WGSA 22252

Woman's Film: 1940s

WGSA 25000

Women and Music

WGSA 26000

Russ Wmn Wtr:Engl

WGSA 26900

Sp Am Wm Lt & Cine

WGSA 28400

Women and Media

WGSA 29000

Special Topics in Gender, Literature and the Arts

WGSA 29001

Feminist Performance Workshop

WGSA 29002

Gender,Violence&Theater Actsm

WGSA 29003

Feminist Theater

WGSA 29004

Shirtwaist Factory

WGSA 29005

Sex & Gender Harlem Renaiss

WGSA 29006

Gendering Wikipedia

WGSA 29007

Trans and Nonbinary Poetry

WGSA 29008

Black Women's Fiction

WGSA 29009

Women in Red: Writ for Wikiped

WGSA 30024

It Am Wmn Wtr & Art

WGSA 30050

Queer Voices

WGSA 31951

Women, Language and Literature

WGSA 31954

Asian Amer Femnsm

WGSA 31956

20C Black Wmn Lit

WGSA 31957

Early Modern English Women

WGSA 31958

Women Writers Short Sty

WGSA 31959

19C Amer Wmn Wrtrs

WGSA 31960

Gender & Per:US Cult

WGSA 31961

Renaissance Women Literature

WGSA 31962

Memoirs by Women Writers

WGSA 31963

Irish Wmn'S Poetry

WGSA 31964

18th Century Women Writers

WGSA 31965

Women Wrters & Metro

WGSA 31966

Contemporary American Women

WGSA 31967

20th Century Women Writers

WGSA 31968

Women & Writing:Middle Ages

WGSA 31969

18C Brit Wmn Writr

WGSA 31970

Feminist Sci-Fi

WGSA 31971

Wm Intertext Narr

WGSA 31972

American Poetry By Women

WGSA 31973

Poetcs Wom Autobio

WGSA 31974


WGSA 31975

20C Poetry Amr Wom

WGSA 31976

Writg Fallen Woman

WGSA 31977

Women Centered Literature

WGSA 31978

20C Women Writers

WGSA 31979

Feminism & Globalization

WGSA 31980

Romantic Women Writers

WGSA 31983

Women in the Avant Garde

WGSA 31984

Gender and Writing

WGSA 31985

Caribbean Women Writers

WGSA 31986

The Female Bildungsroman

WGSA 31987

Adv Tpcs: Women Gndr US Lit

WGSA 31988

Gndr & Politics of Poetic Form

WGSA 36100

Russian Women Writers

WGSC 15600

Imperial Russ Cult

WGSC 29000

Special Topics in Women and Gender Across Cultures

WGSC 29001

War, Drones, & Terror: Fem Ref

WGSC 29002

Prison Writing Memoirs

WGSC 29003

Writings from Detention

WGSC 29004

Women and Revolution

WGSC 30100

Gender in Anth Persp

WGSC 30500

Wn & Slvs:Cla Antqty

WGSC 32900

Women in the African Diaspora

WGSL 29000

Special Topics in Labor, Migration, and Globalization

WGSL 29001

Bodies, Borders and Burkinis

WGSL 29002

Money, Sexuality and Race

WGSL 29003

Globalization & Gender

WGSL 29004

Sp Tp Internatl Sex Tourism

WGSL 29006

Geography & Gender

WGSL 29007

#MeToo Movement & Sexual Har

WGSL 29008

Gender, Migration and Health

WGSL 29009

Family Migration and the Law

WGSL 29010

Asylum Law, Gender &Sexuality

WGSL 29011

Hist of Hum Aid to sub-Africa

WGSL 30600

Gender and Migration

WGSL 34500

Women & Men:Labor Market

WGSP 21900

Women and the Law

WGSP 22300

Sociology of the Family

WGSP 23500

The Psychology of Women

WGSP 25100

Women and Health

WGSP 26100

Women and Politics

WGSP 26200

Women,War & Peace

WGSP 29000

Special Topics in Gender and Public Policy

WGSP 29001

Gender and the Presidency

WGSP 29002

Gender and Health Policy

WGSP 29003

Sex Education Policy

WGSP 29004

Gndr, Sexulity & Indgnous Rgts

WGSP 29005

Gender Glob & Politics of Food

WGSP 29006

Reproductive Justice

WGSP 29007

Prison Human Rights & Gender

WGSP 29008

Gender, Race & Public Policy

WGSP 29009

Gender, Bodies, Disabil & Pol

WGSP 29010

Gender, Race & Election Labor

WGSP 39800

Community Leadership Seminar

WGSS 17000

Psy of Hum Sexuality

WGSS 19000

Dev of Gender Roles

WGSS 25700

Sex and Gender Roles

WGSS 26600

Our Bodies, Our Politics

WGSS 29000

Special Topics in Sexualities

WGSS 29001

Spc Tpcs: Growing Up Girl

WGSS 29002

Gender, Sexuality and Religion

WGSS 29003

Lesbian,Gay,Bi-Sexl&Transgn H

WGSS 29004

Gender, Sexuality and History

WGSS 29005

Sex Wars:Porn

WGSS 29006

Race, Sex and Science

WGSS 29007

Global LGBT History

WGSS 29008

BioPol: Politics Life & Body

WGSS 29009

Global Histories of Sex

WGSS 29010

Men, Wmn & Sex XX Cent U.S.

WGSS 29011

Race, Gndr & Cult Latinx Comm

WGSS 29012

Gender in Modern Jewish Hist

WGSS 29013

Comparative LGBT Politics

WGSS 29086

Women Latino/X Communities

WGSS 29300

Bathroom Politics

WGSS 35100


WGST 20900

Wmn&Gnd:Wpol Thought

WGST 23000

Feminist Philosophy

WGST 29000

Spc Tpcs Feminist Thght &Thry

WGST 29001

Abolition of Whiteness

WGST 29002

Hip Hop Feminisms

WGST 29003

Post Colonial Feminist Thought

WGST 29004

White Supremacy

WGST 29005

Intersec Black Protest Mvmnts

WGST 30900

Femnist Pol Thery

Earn at least 3 credits from the following:

  • Pluralism and Diversity Requirement – Group D

A course focusing on scholarship about major practical or theoretical issues (e.g., artistic, economic, geographic, literary, political, scientific or social) that emerge from, are reflected in or are principally derived from the historical conditions, perspectives and/or intellectual traditions of Europe, including the ways in which pluralism and diversity have been addressed.

ANTHC 22751

Archaeology: Europe

ANTHC 22752

Archaeology: East Cen Euope

ANTHC 31800

History:Anthropological Theory

ANTHC 31850

Anthropology and History

ANTHC 31851

Western Europe Soc & Culture

ANTHC 31852

Anthropology & Literature

ANTHC 42600

Sem:Archeo Field Methods

ANTHC 42660

Archaeology of Colonialism

ARTH 11100

Introduction to History of Art

ARTH 21500

Greek Art

ARTH 21600

Roman Art

ARTH 22100

Later Medieval Art

ARTH 22500

Art of Early Renaissance

ARTH 22700

Northern Renaissance Art

ARTH 23000

High Renais & Lat 16Cent Italy

ARTH 23500

Southern Baroque

ARTH 24000

Baroque Art of Northern Europe

ARTH 24300

Eighteenth-Century Art

ARTH 24400

Neo-Classicism & Rom-A Revel

ARTH 24500

Realism Impress & Post Impress

ARTH 24600

American Art 1760 - 1900

ARTH 24900

Twentieth-Century Art I

ARTH 25000

Twentieth-Century Art 2

ARTH 25300

Medieval Architecture

ARTH 25400

Arch:Renaissance Neo-Classical

ARTH 25500

20th Century Architecture

ARTH 31102

Ancient Art-Pre Columbian

ARTH 31103

Spc Tspc in Anct Art:Byzantine

ARTH 31104

Seven Wonders Ancient World

ARTH 32100

Special Tps: Lect Medieval Art

ARTH 33101

Renaissance Art Titian

ARTH 33102

El Greco

ARTH 34101

Rembrandt’s Etchings

ARTH 34102

Art & Architect: Baroque Room

ARTH 34103

Vermeer and his Contemporaries

ARTH 34104


ARTH 34105

El Greco: A Moden Old Master

ARTH 34106

Sp Tp 17th-Ctry French Art

ARTH 41001

Seminar: Roman Architecture

ARTH 42001

Byzantium & Medieval Medtrn

ARTH 42002

Saints, Relics, Reliquaries

ARTH 42003

Illumin Manuscript:Cultrl Cntx

ARTH 42004

The Medieval Body

ARTH 43001

Gndr, Mannerism & Visu Cult

ARTH 43002

Mannerism & Gender

BIOL 10000

Principles of Biology 1

BIOL 10200

Principles of Biology 2

BIOL 16000

Honors Principles of Biology 2

CLA 10100

Classical Mythology

CLA 20100

Greek Civilization

CLA 20200

Hellenistic Civilization

CLA 20300

Roman Civilization


Greek Archaeology

CLA 25000

Greek and Roman Tragedy

CLA 25100

Ancient Comedy Translation

CLA 25300

Homer and Virgil

CLA 25400

Ancient Novel in Translation

CLA 30200

Comp Back Classical Mythology

CLA 30400

Pagans and Christians

CLA 30500

Women & Slaves:Classil Antqty

CLA 30700

Spec Studies Ancient Rom Cult

CLA 30702


CLA 30750

Arts & Letters 4th Century

CLA 30751

Writing Ancient Past

CLA 30752

Latin Literature Augustan Age

CLA 30753

Banquets and Blood

CLA 30754

Ancient Technology

CLA 30755

Ancient Rome

CLA 30756

Roman Satire

CLA 30757

Roman History

CLA 31000

Ancient Sports and Spectacles

CLARC 22000

Aegean Archaeology

CLARC 22100

Greek Archaeology

CLARC 22200

Roman Archaeology I

COMPL 32049

Narrat Adultery XIX Cent Lit

COMPL 32060

Translating Cult: Theo & Pract

COMPL 33064

Roman Satire

COMPL 38094

German Thought and Culture

DAN 23200

Global Dance History

ECO 35000

Comparative Economic Systems

ENGL 25042

Translating Cult: Theo & Pract

ENGL 25054

19th Cent British Literature

ENGL 25055

Literature on Banned Books

ENGL 25059

Tragic Vision

ENGL 25060

Holocaust Poetry

ENGL 25067


ENGL 25075

Poetic Techniques

ENGL 25089

Race & Class:20th Cent Fiction

ENGL 25400

Survey of British Lit. II

ENGL 30300

West Litry Bkg Brit & Amer Lit

ENGL 33500


ENGL 33900

Surv Brit Lt2:18C-Pr

ENGL 35100

Age of Elizabeth I

ENGL 35153

Comp Stu in Litt Mov

ENGL 35200

Shakespeare Survey

ENGL 35300

Shakespeare I

ENGL 35400

Shakespeare 2

ENGL 36000

The 17th Century

ENGL 36100


ENGL 36200

Restoration & 18th Cen Drama

ENGL 36400

The Age of Satire

ENGL 36500

The Later 18th Century

ENGL 36800

The 18th-Century English Novel

ENGL 36900

The 19th-Century English Novel

ENGL 37200

Romantic Poetry

ENGL 37300

Victorian Literature

ENGL 37400

20th/21st Cen Brit/Iris Poetry

ENGL 37600

20th/21st Cen Brit/Iris Fict

ENGL 37601

The Lit of War 1914-2019

ENGL 37800

20th/21st Cen Brit/Iris Drama

ENGL 38000

Irish Literary Renaissance

ENGL 38066

Topic in Comp Literature

ENGL 38572

Narrat Adultery XIX Cent Lit

ENGL 38650

Psychoanaly Persp Lt

ENGL 38652

Images of Women in Literature

ENGL 38655

Britain American Detect. Fict

ENGL 38663

Topics Brit & Amer Literature

ENGL 38673

19th Cent British Lit and Art

ENGL 38954

Virginia Woolf

ENGL 38955

Jane Austen

ENGL 38956

Thomas Hardy

ENGL 38957


ENGL 38958


ENGL 38959

James Joyce

ENGL 38960

William Blake

ENGL 39055

Theatre of the Absurd

ENGL 49469

Honors Seminar

FILM 10100

Introduction to Cinema

FILM 21100

Film History I: 1895-1945

FILM 21200

Film History 2: Since 1945

FILM 21305

National Cinema Italy

FILM 21351

National Cinema:French New

FILM 23200

Experimental Film and Video

FILM 32200

Contemporary Film Theory

FREN 24100

Early Fren Civ: Gothic to Rev

FREN 24200

Modern French Civilization

FREN 25100

French Literature and the Arts

FREN 25300

Modern French Theatre

FREN 25400

Film and the French Novel

FREN 25900

French Theatre in Translation

FREN 26000

French Novel in Translation

FREN 26100

French Novel Transl 1990-Pres

FREN 26200

Persp on Women in French Lit

FREN 27500

Sel Masterpieces of French Lit

FREN 33500

French Culture I

FREN 33600

French Culture 2

FREN 34100

Survey French Literature 1

FREN 34200

Survey of French Literature 2

FREN 34300

Med/Reinaaiss French Literat

FREN 34400

17th-Century French Literature

FREN 34600

18th-Century French Literature

FREN 34800

19th Cen French Lit 1800-1850

FREN 34900

19th Cen French Lit 1800-1850

FREN 35000

20th Cen French Lit 1900-1950

FREN 35100

Contempory French Lit 1950-Pr

FREN 36001

Imaginary Libraries

FREN 36002

Epistolary Novel

FREN 36003

French Moralists-Class Period

FREN 36007

Tales & Shortstories

FREN 36008

Fr Lit:Fr Wr Per Amr

FREN 36009

Women Autobiogph Voice

FREN 36010

Exile, Nomadism & Immigration

FREN 36011

Genre Studies I: French Poetry

FREN 36012

Question De Culture

FREN 36022

Savoir et anx la Renaiss

FREN 36023

French Cross Current Lit

FREN 36100

Mid Ages & the Rensnc: Sp Tp

FREN 36130

Medieval French Literature

FREN 36151


FREN 36200

The 17th Century

FREN 36253

Theatre of Moliere

FREN 36255

French Tragedy of 17th Century

FREN 36300

18th Century: Special Topics

FREN 36320


FREN 36322

Voltaire and Rousseau

FREN 36400

19th Century: Special Topics

FREN 36401

Balzac and Stendhal

FREN 37500

Seminar in French Literary His

FREN 49100

Honors Course in French

GEOG 15000

World Regions Global Context

GEOG 27800

Geog: Russia and Central Asia

GERMN 24000

German Thought and Culture

GERMN 24100

German Fairy Tales

GERMN 32000

Std-Germn Lit & Lang

GERMN 32029

Contemp Minority Voices Germn

GERMN 32051

Std-Germn Lit & Lang

GERMN 32052

Tvdrama:Germn In'90s

GERMN 32053

Horspiel-Gn Radio Pl

GERMN 32054


GERMN 32055


GERMN 32056

German Crime Fiction

GERMN 32057

Erich Kaestner

GERMN 32058

Grmn Comcs &Grph Literature

GERMN 32059

Gm-Jew Liebesgechichten:Lt&Flm

GERMN 32100

Indv & Soc Mod Grmn Lit

GERMN 32200

German Civilization

GERMN 32700

Modern Swiss Literature

GERMN 32800

Germ Child & Adolesc Literat

GERMN 33400

The German Short Story & Novel

GERMN 33500

Horspiel:Radio Plays

GERMN 33600

German Lyric Poetry

GERMN 33900

Ger Drama Nat to Pre

GERMN 34100

Germn Dr Goethe-Nat

GERMN 34200

The German Novel

GERMN 34300

Germ Lit-Orig-Goethe

GERMN 34400

Rdngs Class Grmn Lit

GERMN 34450

Literature of Weimar Republic

GERMN 34451

Adv German Grammar

GERMN 34500

Literature of Weimar Republic

GERMN 34600

Germ Lit:1930s-1940s

GERMN 34800

East German Lit (1945-1990)

GERMN 35000

Austr Lit Viena 1900

GERMN 35300

Goethe's Faust

GERMN 37200

Germany in the Twenties

GERMN 37400

Mstpc Ger Lit-Tran

HEBR 21100

Mstpc Medv Hbr Lit

HEBR 21800

Mast of Yiddish Lit in Transl

HEBR 31000

Modern Hebrew Literature I

HEBR 32200

Medieval Literature

HEBR 32300

Poetry Mod Heb Rnsns

HEBR 32400

The Modern Hebrew Essay

HEBR 45155

Hon Sem: Hebr Novel

HIST 12100

Ear Md Eur 1500-1815

HIST 12200

19th and 20th Century Europe

HIST 21100

Medieval Civilization

HIST 24200

The Holocaust: An Introduction

HIST 30200

Greek History

HIST 30300

Roman History

HIST 30500

The Age of the Crusades

HIST 31000

Med&Ear Mod Jew Hist

HIST 31100

Eur in Early Mid Age

HIST 31400

Ancient & Mediev Christianity

HIST 31700

History of the American City

HIST 31800

Hist Am Work Class

HIST 32000

Jewish His-Mod Wld

HIST 32400

Eur:Age Ren&Reform

HIST 32900

History of European Diplomacy

HIST 33000

Soc & Eco Hist of Mod Europe

HIST 33600

Hist of 20C Germany

HIST 33800

History of Italy

HIST 34251

Britain Since 1689

HIST 35700

American Jewish History

HIST 35800

20th-Century United States

HIST 35900

Immigr & Ethncty in US

HIST 36100

America & World-20C

HIST 36300

American Cultural History

HIST 36400

Amer Constit Hist 1783-1900

HIST 36600

Role of Women in Amer History

HIST 36700

Civil War and Reconstruction

HIST 37400

Russia to the 20th Century

HIST 37500

Late Imper Russ&USSR

HONS 20154


HONS 30167

South Africa and Southern Africa After Apartheid

HONS 20177


HONS 20181

Bio & Concepts of Human Nature

HONS 30179

Sources 20C Thought

HONS 30184

Maps:Hist,Art & Lit

HONS 30185

Art/Pol 19C France

HONS 20139

Representations of the New Woman in the U.S.  (retroactive to Fall 2004 and Spring 2007)

HR 20000

Introduction to Human Rights

ITAL 26000

Modern Italian Short Story

ITAL 27600

Dante Divin Comedy

ITAL 28000

Italian Renaiss

ITAL 33400

Italian Baroque in Engl


Italian Baroque in Engl

ITAL 34200

Ital Lt 16C-Presnt

ITAL 34300

Dante's Vita Nuova and Inferno

ITAL 34400

Dntes Prgtio&Int Par

ITAL 34500

Dante's Paradiso & Major Prose

ITAL 34600

Ptrarch,Bocca&Lit Hm

ITAL 34700


ITAL 34800

Gerusalemme Liberata

ITAL 34900

The Modern Italian Lyric

ITAL 35000

The Modern Italian Novel

MEDIA 39500

Mass Media Dev Contr

MUSHL 10100

A Thousand Years of Listening

MUSHL 20500

Music History I

MUSHL 20600

Music History 2

MUSHL 21000

Music for the Piano

MUSHL 21200

Masterpieces of Opera

MUSHL 30500

Music History III

MUSHL 30600

Music History 4

PHILO 10600

Philosophy, Politics & Society


Knowledge and Reality

PHILO 21200

Class Greek Philosophy

PHILO 21400

Medieval Philosophy

PHILO 21500

Foundtns:Modern Philosophy

PHILO 22500

American Philosophy

PHILO 22800


PHILO 26600

Knowledge and Reality

PHILO 31800

Revol in Mod Philo

PHILO 31900

Marxist and Critical Theory

POL 25000

Topics in Polish Literature

POL 25010

Oral Interpretation

POL 25012

Poles in America

POL 25033

Tpcs: Min East Euro

POL 25050

Sienkewicz Quo Vadis

POL 25051

Sp Tp: Adv Pol Convs

POL 25052

Topics: Polish Culture

POL 25053

Pol Lit: 1890-Present

POL 25054

Film in Poland and Russia

POL 25055

Folklore of Slavs

POL 25056

Polish Cinema

POL 25057

Pan Tadeusz English

POL 25058

Native Americans Polish Lit

POL 25059

Russian Eastern Europe Thar

POL 25060

Polish Literature Post Slidrty

POL 25070

Pol-Church/State Rel

POL 25071

Modern Polish Prose

POL 25072

Solidarity & Beyond

POL 25073

Polish Romanticism

POL 25074

Sienkiewicz Trilogy

POL 25075

Sienkiewicz's American

POL 25077

Russian Cinema and Society

POL 25080

Polish Film Post 1945

POL 25090

Mickiewicz Russ & West

POL 25097

East European Cinema

POLSC 20100

Anc to Early Political Thought

POLSC 25400

West Europe Gov't

POLSC 32200

Soc & Eco Pol Wstrn Europ & US

POLSC 37800

Rus Nat Inte:Past and Present

POLSC 38000

European Security

REL 20400

Religious Experience

REL 20500

Faith and Disbelief

REL 20600

Ideas of God

REL 20700

Religious Sources for Morality

REL 20800

Religion and Social Justice

REL 25300

Abrahamic Religions

REL 25800

Rel:Ancient Europe

REL 27000

Religion and Psychology

REL 30700

Religio Ideas: Lit

REL 30800

Religion and the Arts

REL 30850

Theatre and Religion

REL 30852

Bible in Art

REL 30853

Rel Ideas West Music

REL 30854

Religious Ideas in Modern Art

REL 30855

Rel Ideas Anc Lit

REL 30856

Rel & The Arts

REL 30900

Meaning:Love & Sex

REL 31000

The Religious Meaning of Death

REL 31200

Religion and Politics

REL 31300

Ecospirituality: Relig & Natu

REL 31500

The Problem of Evil

REL 31600

Men and Religion

REL 32300


REL 33000

New Testament Religion

REL 33300

Christian Theolgy

REL 33400


REL 33500

Myth and Ritual

REL 39000

Modern Theories in Religion

RUSS 15500

The Culture of old Russia

RUSS 15700

The Age of the Great Masters

RUSS 21500

Translating Cult: Theo & Pract

RUSS 25000

19C Russ Lit:Trans

RUSS 25089

Soclst Int'l Syst

RUSS 25099


RUSS 25100

Tolstoy & Dostoevsky

RUSS 25200

Mod Russ Lit:Trans

RUSS 25300

Russ Thea: Eng Tran

RUSS 25400

Russ Lit:1880-1920

RUSS 25500

Trans:Rus Folklore

RUSS 25600

Sp Tpc Slav Lit& Cul

RUSS 25609

Trad & Transf: Russ & East Eur

RUSS 25610

Marx Cult Theory

RUSS 25611

Jewish Qstn Russ Lit

RUSS 25612

Women in Rus Culture

RUSS 25613

Shostkovich His World

RUSS 25614

Modern Lit in Exile

RUSS 25615

Russian Avant Garde Art

RUSS 25616

Love & Death in Lit & Film

RUSS 25617

Russ & Euro Immigrant NY

RUSS 25618

Humor & Satire to Russ Lit

RUSS 25619

Russian Literature in Exile

RUSS 25620

Illness & Death in Russ Lit

RUSS 25633

Tpcs:Min. East Euro.

RUSS 25634

Russian Short Story in English

RUSS 25650

Mod Soviet Sht Story

RUSS 25651

World's Fairy Tales

RUSS 25652

Film in Polnd & Russia

RUSS 25653

Lit & Revolutn Engl

RUSS 25655

Urb Flklr Russ Ngbhd

RUSS 25656

Russ Science Fiction

RUSS 25657

The Picaresque Novel

RUSS 25658

Religion in Russian People

RUSS 25659

Russ Experim Stage

RUSS 25660

Russian Thought

RUSS 25661

Russ East Europ Thar

RUSS 25662

Urban Russian Novel

RUSS 25663

Present Day Russian Literature

RUSS 25664

Cinema Poland Russia

RUSS 25665

Memory of Communism

RUSS 25666

Russ Sf in Film & Lit

RUSS 25668

Narrat Adultery XIX Cent Lit

RUSS 25669


RUSS 25670

The Polish Cinema

RUSS 25671

New Russ Cult-Film

RUSS 25673

Mickiewicz in Russia

RUSS 25674

The Baltic Transit (English)

RUSS 25679

Sub Ideals: Russ Lit Utopias

RUSS 25680

Pol Film Post 1945

RUSS 25690

Chekhov: Plays & Stries

RUSS 25691

Writ Behnd Bars Gulag Cult Leg

RUSS 25698

Nabokov:Two Cultures

RUSS 25699

Existentialist Novel

RUSS 27100

East European Cinema

RUSS 29400

Folklore and Literature

RUSS 32100

Russian Short Story

RUSS 32200

Classical Russian Poetry

RUSS 32300

Modern Russian Poetry

RUSS 34100

Tolstoy and Dostoevsky

RUSS 34200

Modern Russian Literature

RUSS 34300

Russian Theater

RUSS 34400

Silver Age of Russian Literat

SOC 22100

Classical Sociological Theory

SPAN 24100

Civilization of Spain

SPAN 26400

Contemp Sp Lit in Tr

SPAN 26500

Don Quixote

SPAN 27500

Readings in Modern Span Lit

SPAN 33500

Spanish Civilization

SPAN 34100

Intro:Hispanic Lit 1

SPAN 34200

Intro:Hispan Lit 2

SPAN 34300

Span Lit Middle Ages

SPAN 34500

Spanish Drama of Golden Age

SPAN 34600


SPAN 34900

Spa Prose Golden Age

SPAN 35000

Spanish Poetry the Golden Age

SPAN 35300

Span Neoclsscm Romnc

SPAN 35500

Span Lit, Realsm - WW1

SPAN 35700

Early 20 Cent Sp Literature

SPAN 35800

Pst Civil War Sp Literature

SPAN 37020

Mjr Wrks:Spn Baroque

SPAN 37021

Con Time Span Poet

SPAN 37022

Canary Islands:Americas

SPAN 37023

Golden Age Prose

SPAN 37024

Contemporary Spanish Poetry

SPAN 37026

The Contemporary Spanish Novel

SPAN 37030

Hist Evol & Cur Trends in Ling

SPAN 37036

Spanish Poetry - Middle Ages

SPAN 37040

Celestinas and Don Juanes

SPAN 37041

Mujeres en la Lit Oro

SPAN 37042

Span Anar & Fem Women Writer

SPAN 37056

Peninsular Teatro

SPAN 37500

Sem:Spanish Lit Hist

SPAN 49501

Independent Study

SPAN 49502

Independent Study

SPAN 49503

Independent Study

THEA 21100

World Theatre 1

THEA 21200

World Theatre II

THEA 21300

World Theatre 3

THEA 21400

Mltclt Prspec:Thea

THEA 21401

Mult Cul Thea Porf

THEA 32100

Play Analysis

THEA 32200

Theatre Theory and Criticism

THEA 33100


THEA 33200

Thea Realism & Naturalism

THEA 33300

Alternative Performance

THEA 36200

Acting: Period Drama

URBS 40383

20th Century Architecture

WGSC 30500

Wn & Slvs:Cla Antqty

WGST 20900

Wmn&Gnd:Wpol Thought

Additional Comments:

Students must complete four courses designated for the Pluralism and Diversity  Requirement, one from each of four categories. The four categories of Pluralism and Diversity focus on major practical or theoretical issues that emerge from, are reflected in, or are principally derived from the historical conditions, perspectives, and/or intellectual traditions of the following:

 A. Non-European societies, particularly those of Africa, Asia, Latin America, or those indigenous to the Americas;

B. One or more of the following groups in the US: African Americans, Asian Americans, Latino Americans, and Native Americans;

C. Women and/or issues of gender or sexual orientation;

D. Europe, including ways in which pluralism and diversity have been addressed. 

Any one course with a Pluralism and Diversity designation can satisfy only one Pluralism and Diversity category but may also fulfill any other requirement. 

Transfer Students

Transfer students must take at least two courses designated for different categories of the Pluralism and Diversity    requirement.  The number of courses required in Pluralism and Diversity is determined by the number of credits transferred. 



Fewer than 31   


31 or more      


Any one course with a Pluralism and Diversity designation can only satisfy one Pluralism and Diversity category but may also fulfill any other requirement. 

2nd Degree Students

  • Students who have earned a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution are exempt from the General Education requirements