Department: History


History is the record of human experience. Its study is a first step in learning about ourselves and our society — about economics and politics, psychology and sociology, mathematics and science, the arts and the humanities. Beyond the purely practical consideration of a profession, the study of history is exciting in its own right. The History Department offers courses in the history of the United States, the ancient world, medieval and modern Europe, Russia, Jewish studies, the Middle East and Islamic world, Latin America, Africa, East Asia and South Asia, as well as many comparative topics in political, intellectual, and world history.

What can I do with my degree in History?

For students whose undergraduate major is history, career opportunities are numerous and varied. Medical, law and other professional schools favor applicants with history majors because of their broad background and research skills. Moreover, while teaching has long been a popular goal for history majors, positions in government (local, state and national), publishing, museums, public relations, advertising, media/communications, business and management also await those students whose human perspective, critical thinking skills, and intellectual discipline have been developed in history classes.



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