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Public Policy Program


The Public Policy program is based on the understanding that the preparation of informed individuals is the key to a vibrant participatory democracy. The program prepares students by providing essential research and analytical skills that are important goals of a strong liberal arts education. Our graduates are unique; they span many majors from Anthropology to Psychology, Chinese and Classics. Students have an opportunity to interact first-hand with policy experts and practitioners, both in the classroom and outside, and learn how policies are created, how communities come together to demand change, who benefits from specific policies, and how to measure the impact of laws. These are important skills that enable graduates to either embark on careers in public affairs and the nonprofit sector, or remain engaged in public affairs—nationally and globally—regardless of their stated major, career goals, or personal objectives.

What can I do with my certificate in Public Policy?

Participation in the Public Policy Program, via either the Minor or the Certificate, will provide students with skills, experience and knowledge that will strengthen their applications to graduate school or law school, and help them in their future careers.

Program and Courses

Programs and Courses in Public Policy 

Administration and Faculty

Program Director:

Basil A. Smikle Jr, Ph.D.
Distinguished Lecturer and Director of the Public Policy Program
Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute 
Hunter College-City University of New York