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The Academic Program

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree encompasses sciences, humanities and the arts and the social sciences. BA programs prepare students for positions in profit, nonprofit and government organizations as well as for graduate programs.

The Bachelor of Science (BS) degree programs provides training for a particular career and are therefore considered professional degrees.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree is a concentration in art for highly qualified students. The Studio Art - BFA is described in detail in the section devoted to the  Art and Art History Department.

The Bachelor of Music (BMus) degree is designed for students who intend to perform professionally or to teach the performance of music. The Music - BMus  program is described in detail in the section devoted to the Music Department.

The Bachelors/Masters degree programs are designed for highly qualified students in particular areas of study; they enable full-time students to complete both the bachelor’s and master’s degrees in 4-5 years. Students in combined programs will pay undergraduate tuition rates up to the number of credits required to earn a baccalaureate degree (120 credits]. Any credits taken toward the combined degree after 120 credits are charged at the graduate tuition rate. Some programs offer teacher certification at the master’s level.

The CUNY (City University of New York) Baccalaureate degree is a university-wide program. This degree, awarded by CUNY rather than by a specific undergraduate CUNY college, may be a BS or BA degree and is intended for students who have well formulated individual academic and career goals. Students who are accepted work out their programs with a faculty committee of their choice that is willing to support the student’s plan of study. Students pursue their studies at one or more colleges in CUNY, according to their interests. Students must complete at least 15 but not more than 90 credits to be considered for admission to this program. Further information can be obtained from the CUNY/BA adviser in the Office of Advising Services , Room 1119 East Building.