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Testing Requirements

Degree Students and CUNY Proficiency Requirements

Degree seeking students enrolling at Hunter College must demonstrate proficiency in English (reading, writing) and math at the time of application, as outlined by The City University of New York.

Nondegree Students and CUNY Proficiency Requirements

Non-degree students may attempt up to 12 credits at Hunter College without demonstrating the CUNY Proficiency Requirements unless it is required for a particular course. Non-degree students are required to demonstrate CUNY proficiency requirements once 12 credits have been attempted; non-degree students must demonstrate proficiency requirements based on the same criteria set forth for Degree Students.

The Hunter College Mathematics Placement Test (MPT)

The Hunter College Mathematics Placement Test (MPT) is a timed, multiple choice, computer-based test. All students must take this test before they can register for any mathematics, statistics, science or liberal arts course at Hunter College that has a mathematics or statistics course prerequisite, unless they satisfy one of the few exemptions listed below. The exam does not affect acceptance to the college. However, it does affect which courses a student is eligible to take. Test results will be used to enable students to register in coursework at Hunter College for which they show competent preparation. Coursework is based on major requirements.

SAT, ACT, CLEP and New York State Regents test scores do not exempt a student from taking the MPT. Students may only take this exam one time.

There are two math courses with no prerequisites that can be used to satisfy the Hunter College Core Requirement in Math and Quantitative Reasoning (MQR Core) without taking the MPT:

Math 10000 Basic Structures of Mathematics, 3 credits, 3 hours

Math 10200 Mathematics and Everyday Life, 3 credits, 3 hours

All other mathematics and statistics courses have prerequisites that can be satisfied by competent scores on the MPT.

For entering freshmen, exemption is only given for a score of 4 or higher on an AP Calculus AB or Calculus BC Test. Students who score a 4 or higher will earn credit for calculus. Students, who have taken an AP Calculus AB or Calculus BC Test but do not yet know their score, need to take the MPT and plan for alternative coursework if their score turns out to be at least 4. (AP Calculus AB and Calculus BC test scores of at least 4 supersede the MPT score.)

·Transfer students are not exempt unless they have officially established course equivalency for all prerequisite mathematics and statistics courses required by the courses they need to take. Appropriate MPT scores are the only alternative to satisfy prerequisites when equivalency has not been officially established.

·Although CLEP exams are not given credit, they can be used to establish equivalency with prerequisites (see a math advisor for details if you have taken a CLEP math exam).

MPT is administered by the Hunter College Testing Center. Visit the Hunter College Testing Center’s website at for sample questions, related information, as well as available dates and times to take the examination. Inquiries pertaining to testing at Hunter College may be addressed by sending an email to