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Psychology is concerned with all aspects of the study of behavioral, developmental and cognitive processes, and employs a broad spectrum of approaches, from the social to the biological to understand them. The Hunter College Psychology program reflects the diversity of psychology as a science and as a profession. Its course offerings span this spectrum from clinical, social and developmental psychology to experimental psychology, ethology, biopsychology and behavioral neuroscience.  Although Psychology is a large department, students have personal contact with faculty members through an extensive advisement system, involvement in departmental activities and committees, supervised field placement and participation in research laboratories under the guidance of faculty mentors as part of our independent study, honors, BP-ENDURE, MARC (Minority Access to Research Careers) & MBRS/RISE (Minority Biomedical Research Support/Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement) programs. A broad range of applied and research opportunities are available within the department in developmental psychology, social psychology, human adjustment, animal behavior, physiological psychology and abnormal psychology. Departmental affiliations with mental health and community organizations make it possible for students to integrate their academic studies of personality, abnormal and child psychology with supervised practical experience by means of field placements and opportunities for applied research. The faculty and facilities of various subprograms within the CUNY Psychology doctoral program and our master’s program in General Psychology and in Animal Behavior and Conservation are integral parts of the Hunter College Psychology program. These programs provide course concentrations in a number of different areas within psychology and offer undergraduate students research and other opportunities to interact with graduate students. Qualified students in their last semester may be admitted to graduate courses with the approval of the instructor and the department’s graduate adviser.

What can I do with my degree in Psychology?

The Psychology major, as part of the bachelor’s degree program, prepares the student for many career possibilities in psychology, education, social and welfare services, health services and industry and fulfills the course requirements for entering most psychology graduate programs. A background in psychology combined with special training in other disciplines within the college may be especially useful in preparing for careers in human resources, medicine, law, nursing, speech pathology, social work, special education, counseling and music, art and dance therapy.



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