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Academic Honors

Dean’s List At the end of each fall and spring semester the Dean of Students recognizes matriculated students with excellent academic records. The criteria for inclusion on the Dean’s List are: a grade point average of 3.5 or higher with traditional letter grades (A, B or C) in courses other than ESL basic skills courses in reading and writing. If ESL basic skills courses are taken, those grades will be excluded. No grades of D, F, NC, IN or WU are allowed in any course completed or attempted. Full-time students must complete 12 credits or more in one semester; part-time students must complete 6- 11 ½ credits in two consecutive semesters.

Graduation with General College Honors A student who has completed 60 credits of traditional letter grades at Hunter College may be considered for graduation honors. Students with a cumulative GPA of 3.900 or higher will be graduated Summa Cum Laude. Students with a GPA from 3.750 to 3.899 will be graduated Magna Cum Laude. Students with a GPA from 3.500 to 3.749 will be graduated Cum Laude.

Graduation with Departmental Honors On recommendation of any department or interdepartmental field, students with at least 24 credits in the department or field may be graduated “With Honors” in that department or field, provided they graduate in the term for which they file for honors. Of these credits, 21 (or, in exceptional cases, 18) must be taken at Hunter. Students who participate in the Study Abroad Program or the Exchange Program within the United States may be considered for departmental honors even if they have earned fewer than 18 credits at Hunter in courses approved for the major. Students are eligible for departmental honors if their GPA in the major or field is not less than 3.5. The student must also elect at least 2 credits (but no more than 6 credits) in honors courses offered in that department and present to the department’s Committee on Honors a piece of independent work. Honors courses include seminar, laboratory, reading and tutorial courses and independent study projects established for the instruction of honors students.