Department: Film and Media Studies


The Hunter College Department of Film and Media Studies offers two undergraduate degree programs in the production and critical analysis of film and media. One program leads toward a major in Film, combining film history and theory with film production. The other leads toward a major in Media Studies, combining critical media analysis with creative practice using a mix of contemporary media forms (video, animation, digital imaging and graphics, web and interactive production). Our curriculum is founded on the integration of theory and practice. Leading scholars in history, aesthetics, media policy, critical theory and alternative and international practices provide students with a broad base in analytical thinking. Courses deal with subjects such as the history and aesthetics of film, video, television and new media; genre studies; the history, production and distribution of print and broadcast news; media representations of race, class and gender; and the intricate relationships among the mass media, popular culture and society. The department’s production courses encourage students to work creatively in a variety of existing and emerging media forms. Courses include narrative film production (including screenwriting and directing), documentary production, television production, journalism and emerging media (including web design, animation, physical computing and game programming). The department is distinguished by award-winning faculty who are active in their respective fields.

What can I do with my degree in Film and Media Studies?

Skills honed in the major include research and communication skills, critical thinking, project management, and a diverse array of media production from digital imaging to video and television production to web and interactive production.  In addition to careers within the film and media industries, graduates are attractive to the publishing industry, advertising, web production, tech startups, animation, game production and communications fields as well as other related industries.



Kelly Anderson
433 North

Department Office:

  433  North
  (212) 772-4949
  Web site:
  Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Program Head, Film:

  Joel Zuker
  528 North
  (212) 650-3477

Program Head, Analytical Media Studies       

Larry Shore
512 North
(212) 772-4951l

Program Head, Documentary and TV Production

       Kelly Anderson
       433 North       
       (212) 396-6066

Program Head, Emerging Media

       Ricardo Miranda
       477A North
       (212) 396-6763

Program Head, Journalism

        Sissel McCarthy
        525 North
        (212) 772-4846