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Regulations Published by the Hunter College Senate

Students are expected to be familiar with the various requirements and procedures as given in this catalog and to follow them. The Hunter College Senate, with authority granted to it by the CUNY Board of Trustees, determines all academic rules and regulations and approves all curricula. The Senate publishes changes in rules and regulations. Students who believe that their individual circumstances warrant a variance from the rules and regulations listed in this catalog must proceed to obtain permission from the appropriate college authority. Only through the procedures listed below are such variations permitted.

Students should obtain written documentation for any such variations. Students should be wary of informal advice or undocumented claims that they can be exempt from any college rules.

  1. Inquiries concerning college regulations in general should be directed to the Office of Advising, Room 1119 East Building. Appeals for administrative exceptions to academic rules and regulations (for example, exceptions to approved academic program loads) are heard in the Office of Advising.

  2. Inquiries concerning the major should be directed to the departmental adviser in the major department or program and inquiries concerning a minor should be directed to the adviser in the minor department or program.

  3. Inquiries concerning the Hunter Core Requirement including the  Focus in Foreign Language, Pluralism and Diversity and Writing should be addressed to the appropriate departmental adviser or an adviser in the Office of Advising, Room 1119 East Building.

  4. Note:

    1. Students who matriculated prior to fall 2001 and follow the regulations for the Distribution Requirement should also see a departmental adviser or an adviser in the Office of Advising. Room 1119 East Building.

    2. Students who matriculated prior to fall 2013 may choose to remain under the GER Requirement or opt in to the Hunter Core Requirement. See Pathways website for more information.

  5. Students who entered Hunter under the Distribution Requirement and have been absent for 10 years or more must follow the Hunter Core Requirement or contact Advising, Room 1119 East Building, for information on appealing to follow Distribution.

  6. Authorization for substitutions for specific Pluralism & Diversity course requirements must be made by the Senate’s General Education Appeals Committee. Students should consult the procedure for appeals outlined below and go to the Office of the Hunter College Senate, Room 1018 East Building, to obtain the proper forms for filing an appeal.

  7. The procedure for grade Appeals appears below.

  8. Every student is obliged to determine that all requirements for the degree have been met before the date of graduation. No changes may be made to the student record transcript after the graduation date. Graduates who wish to take additional courses at Hunter should see the Office of Undergraduate Admissions room 203 Hunter North, to open a new record. Any “STOPS” not cleared by the graduation date will result in the withholding of diploma and transcripts. Incomplete (IN) grades received in the final semester must be completed by the graduation date. If not, an application to graduate for the following semester must be filed with the Degree Audit unit of the Office of the Registrar, room 217 North Building. Additional information on the degree audit for graduation can be found here.

Students who are uncertain about the interpretation of any matter may learn under whose authority the matter rests by inquiring in the Office of Advising, Room 1119 East Building. Students are responsible for knowing all current regulations.