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Mathematics has many aspects: it is the language and tool of the sciences, a cultural phenomenon with a rich historical tradition, and a model of abstract reasoning. The course offerings and the major in Mathematics reflect these multiple facets. The Mathematics major provides a broad education in various areas of mathematics in a program flexible enough to accommodate many ranges of interest.  The major introduces students to the fundamental areas of mathematics and provides some degree of specialization in one or more areas.  It trains students in the analytic thinking characteristic of pure and applied mathematics and provides familiarity with rigorous methods of mathematical proof.  In addition to the standard Mathematics Major, the department offers a number of specialized undergraduate tracks for students interested in pursuing careers in bioinformatics or in preparing for teaching: the concentration Quantitative Biology, the concentration Preparation for Adolescent Education (Grades 7-12), and the concentration Preparation for Childhood Education (Grades 1-6).

What can I do with my degree in Mathematics and Statistics?

The Mathematics major prepares students for careers in business, government, research and teaching.  The study of statistics provides the student with analytical tools that may find application in various fields within the sciences and social sciences.  Bioinformatics is a rapidly developing area open to students in statistics with a working knowledge of computing and biological sciences.   Actuarial science is one area open to students in statistics who also have backgrounds in such subjects as computer science, mathematics and economics.

Credit and Course Exemption

The department offers credit or course exemption based on standard examinations such as AP. Inquiries should be made at the department office.

Mathematics Proficiency and Placement

All students entering Hunter College must demonstrate proficiency in the basic skills through their scores on the mathematics assessment exam. Exemptions are given for SATs, ACT, NY Regents, and for certain other entrance categories.  The placement exam further assesses a student’s preparedness for certain courses in mathematics, statistics, and other disciplines at the college. Students may enroll in these courses only if their scores on the placement exam are at appropriate levels or if they have taken college courses in the required mathematics. Students who need to place into courses by examination and have not taken the placement exam are advised to schedule the test with the Testing Center, Room 150 Hunter North, 212-772-4868,, well in advance of registration.  Students should notice the mathematics and statistics prerequisites that are indicated in the descriptions of courses and majors so they can effectively plan their studies.

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